Student Web Server (SWS)

MSUM offers students access to a Student Web Server (SWS) for web publishing needs.

Student Web Server (SWS) Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit my website after I create an SWS account?

You may use any web page editor that supports ftp, scp, or sftp. Some editors include: nvu, dreamweaver, designer, and basic text editors (notepad, wordpad, kate, quanta).

How do I upload and download a web page on my Macintosh computer?

You can use the Macintosh ftp program Fetch to develop your page. Please, visit the Macintosh ftp Help page for more instructions.

How do I edit my site using Adobe Dreamweaver?

You can learn how to make changes to an existing site or create a new website using Dreamweaver.

I have composed a website on my computer. How do I upload it to SWS?

Using an ftp client, use as a hostname, the user portion of your mnstate email address, and your mnstate email password for a password. Once connected, you should be able to drag and drop the files you need to transfer to your web directory.

How do I get help with SWS?

You can contact support at

How do I put sounds on my website?

Simply upload the music file, and make a link to it.

Does SWS support MS Frontpage Extensions?

No, we do not support MS Frontpage Extensions. This product is no longer supported by Microsoft.

What dynamic content can I utilize?

The current SWS supports CGI scripts and php.

Does SWS support any streaming multimedia?

No, streaming multimedia requires immense amounts of bandwidth, and SWS is not intended for these purposes.

How do I make my file names link properly?

First, check that there are no misspellings in the file that you are linking from, then check you have the casing on the filename correct. All filenames on SWS are case-sensitive.

Does SWS store backups of my files?

MSUM does keep backups of files uploaded to SWS. As a precaution, however, we strongly recommend that you keep a copy of your website stored in a safe location. Once a file is deleted, the backup for that file is held for only a limited time.