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Print Release

While using campus lab computers, you may print from any MSUM print release station. After selecting to print a document from a campus lab computer, locate the nearest print release station and swipe your Dragon ID card at the printer release station card reader which is located next to the printer. All print jobs associated with your account will display and you will be able to select those that you would like to print.

  • Students will be allocated 25 "printing dollars" each semester. This is not actual currency and may only be used for print release purposes.
  • This allocation equates to 500 black & white pages (5 cents per page) or 125 color pages (20 cents per page).
  • If your printing quota has been reached you will be able to add more printing funds to your account. See below for details on how to add funds.

Where are the print release stations?

Print Release Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Print Release Initiative?

The Print Release Initiative is an effort led by Information Technology to keep the printing costs for students as low as possible, to reduce waste, to save Technology Fee funds for investment in new or improved Information Technology services for students and to gain efficiencies in the printing process. All Dragon card holders will be able to print a fixed number of copies at no charge (a "printing quota"). Once a patron expends the printing quota, any additional printing funds can be purchased and added to their account.

What are statistics supporting the Print Release Initiative?

Each year the campus consumes, on average, 7,500,000 sheets of paper, 450 cartridges of toner, and installs 12-15 new printers. Although some of this material may be recycled, the environmental cost of production and transportation must also be considered. In addition to the environmental benefits, it is estimated this measure will save the university $22,000 on an annual basis. A vast majority of college campuses have implemented similar protocols and the time is right for MSUM to do the same. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we continue to improve our environmental track record at MSUM.

What is the student printing quota?

The printing quota for students is the equivalent of 500 (8.5" x 11") black and white pages per regular semester. Currently this amounts to a printing quota of 25 "printing dollars". Unused printing dollars allocated will NOT be carried over into the following Semester and the quotas will be set back to 500 (8.5" x 11") black and white pages per student at the beginning of each semester.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff will be able to utilize the print release stations as needed for incidental printing needs at no charge.

How do I purchase additional pages?

In all cases, once the printing quota is used, additional pages may be purchased using the kiosk located in the Library 24 hour lab or online at

Can I print to the Print Release printers from my personal device?

Yes, please follow the appropriate instructions for your device.

Will I receive a refund if I don't use my entire printing quota in a semester?

No. The printing quota is not real money. It is used to manage limited resources and allocate them fairly. If you have deposited additional funds, that will carry over from semester to semester until the end of the spring semester at which time the remaining amount would be refunded to you via a check sent to the address on file, less a ten dollar processing fee. 

Is duplex printing available?

Yes. Duplex printing is available at no additional charge in all computer labs with print release stations.

Can Tri-College students still print at MSUM?

Yes. Tri-College students whose home campus is not MSUM must get a Dragon ID card from the Dragon ID Card office located on the first floor of the Library. Same quotas are applied and additional amounts may be purchased using the kiosk located in the 24 hr computer lab or online at at the rate of 5 cents per page.

What can faculty do to avoid large printing bills for students?

It will be important to look at more efficient ways of delivering printed materials. Another option would be to have the students deliver course material electronically through email or D2L Brightspace. If you need assistance setting this up, our IT Instructional team can help out. To do this please contact the IT Helpdesk in the Library room 122, via email at, or via phone at 218.477.2603 (Option 1).

Will my cash account be lost at the end of the semester?

Any additional value added to your cash account will be carried forward to the next semester until the end of the spring semester at which time the remaining amount would be refunded to you via a check sent to the address on file, less a ten dollar processing fee. 

I have printed from a computer. Why when I login on the Print Release Station don't I see my print jobs?

The most common cause is you are not logged into the computer lab computer. You must be logged into the computer you are printing from in order to see it at the print release station. If you need further assistance, please contact the helpdesk in the Library room 122, via email at, or via phone at 218.477.2603 (Option 1).

Can students who typically use a greater number of prints, such as grad students, be allocated more "free" printing?

No. Each student pays the same technology fee that is associated with each credit. Imagine the complexity of determining which classes and which situations justify increased printing quota. Some classes require more books or more expensive books, some require students to pay lab fees, and others require students to buy handouts from the print shop. An attempt was made to provide a reasonable number of prints for the general cross-section of students. Students who require more printing should be prepared to add funds to accommodate their additional printing needs.

What happens to print jobs that I don't print at the release station? Will I be charged for this?

Print jobs submitted, but not printed from the print release station will automatically be deleted after 4 hours and they will not affect your print quota.

If the printer jams, will I still be charged for prints?

Print jobs submitted to the printer are charged against your print account balance. Report the print jam to the help desk and they can assist in getting your job re-printed at no additional charge to your quota. The helpdesk is in the Library room 122, via email at, or via phone at 218.477.2603 (Option 1).

Who do I contact if I have printing problems, wrong quotas or for other help?

If you have problems printing, your printing comes out defective with streaks, lines or fading or if you do not receive the printing quota you expect please contact the IT Help Desk in the Library room 122, via email at, or via phone at 218.477.2603 (Option 1). The Helpdesk can also ensure you are charged appropriately for your print job.