List Serves Users Guide

You will find instructions for using the list serve as a regular user/subscriber to a list.

How to Login in to the List Serve

You can login to view lists you are associated here by logging in with your current StarID username and password. Log in to the List Serve

View List Information

List names are no longer advertised, this means in order to view lists you must login using your StarID username and password. Log in to the List Serve

Lists you are a member of will appear in a table. You can then filter by other roles such as Owner or Moderator.

Subscribe to a List

Subscriptions to lists are now always handled privately by IT or by individual list owners. Names of active lists are no longer public facing, so manual subscriptions are most of the time not allowed.

Unsubscribe from a List

You may only unsubscribe to lists that allow members to unsubscribe. The Official and Student_official lists and major lists do not allow you to unsubscribe since they are means of conducting official university business. If you unsubscribe from any mandatory lists, you will be re-subscribed the next day automatically.

Change Settings for Your Profile

Changeable user settings have been turned off for this system.

View Your Other Subscriptions

After logging in, click on your StarID in the top right corner of the screen. In the dropdown menu, click “Mailman Settings”.

This will show you all the lists you are currently subscribed to. Your subscription address will always be your MSUM email address. The delivery mode will always be regular. The role will either be Member, Owner, or Moderator.