ImageNow is the document imaging system used by Minnesota State University Moorhead. Contracted with Minnesota State University Mankato in 2010, ImageNow is a reliable solution for your document management needs. How ImageNow works is quite simple - documents are captured into the system and stored electronically on a central server. Once the document has been captured they are inspected for quality and indexed with document keys so they can be easily searched and retrieved.

In addition to the electronic storage capabilities, ImageNow offers a powerful workflow component that can be used to process documents "electronically." Workflow can be set up to map any paper process -- no matter how simple or complex -- making business routines more streamlined, more accurate and faster.

Advantages of ImageNow

  • Better connect staff to documents they need to complete their daily actives
  • Bring together documents and the business processes they influence into one, easy-to-use system
  • Decreased risk of lost documents
  • Integrate with ISRS, complementing the business processes that are already established
  • Capture virtually any type of document
  • Eliminated time consuming tasks such as filing and copying
  • Gained efficiency in business processes by reducing processing time of paper documents
  • provide instant access to documents at the very moment they are needed to respond quickly ti inquires, questions, or requests for documents

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For more information on ImageNow & other MNSCU schools that are using the MSU Mankato hosted system, please click on the link below.

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