Direct Access

Only available for MSUM employees with work-provisioned Windows computers.

Minnesota State University Moorhead has made VPN available for remote access to University Resources for quite some time. MSUM IT would like to explain another remote access tool that we have available for remote work scenarios called Direct Access.

Once configured with direct access, your computer will be able to route traffic through resources without the need to connect to VPN.

Some resources that Direct Access makes available are:

  • MSUM Printers
  • S Drive
  • Home Drives
  • Remote Desktop access to University Computers that you have access to
  • Marketplace

Direct Access does not allow for ISRS/Uniface, if you need to access ISRS/Uniface use Remote Applications.

To request Direct Access, please send an email request including your property of Minnesota asset Tag number to Please note that Direct Access is only possible on Windows based computers. Computers configured for direct access need to be running on the MSUM network if on campus or on the VPN when off campus for 4 hours to enable direct access. After that 4-hour period, the computer needs to restart to finish the configuration.

Please contact us if you have questions.