Guidelines & Procedures for the Student Web Server (SWS)

The student web server is for MSU Moorhead students and recent alumni only. Only currently registered students may apply for a web server account. Tri-College students may have a web account as long as they are registered at MSU Moorhead. Graduates may have their web accounts for one year after graduation. Accounts for students who do not return and have not graduated will be removed.

Space is limited and quotas will be enforced. If files are found to consume excessive disk space or access to pages causes excessive network activity, a member of the Information Technology Department staff will contact the owner to determine the appropriate course of action. In all cases, we will take concrete steps to protect resources and the rights of other users. Intellectual property ownership - Unless otherwise officially documented, individual students who are provided a SWS account are the copyright owners of any content created strictly for such pages.

University trademarks are copyrighted. Use of trademarks must follow copyright laws.

Accounts names will be name

Client-side scripting is allowed. Server side scripting is not allowed.

Users may not have inappropriate material on their pages.

Inappropriate material includes, but is not limited to,

  • Any information that violates any MSU Moorhead policies, software licensing agreements, contractual agreements, copyright, or local or federal laws.
  • Any material intended for business use or to generate personal financial gain.
  • Commercial advertising of any kind, including banner adds for free services.
  • Information that is designed to compromise the security or availability of MSU Moorhead resources.
  • Material that provides information that is intended to teach how to commit any criminal or illegal acts.
  • Information that comprises the personal privacy of other people.
  • Any misleading labeling of links.
  • Portrayal of any material as officially representing or sanctioned by MSU Moorhead without proper authorization.

Home pages may be monitored. Minnesota State University Moorhead reserves the right to unlink any page from the student web server at any time. Notification to author will be attempted but MSU Moorhead reserves the right to unlink without notification to the author.

The Student Conduct committee is responsible for reviewing violations of this policy statement.