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Inauguration of President Anne Blackhurst

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  • About the Theme

    The theme of President Anne Blackhurst’s inauguration — Leading for the Long Run — is inspired by Dr. Blackhurst’s passion for long-distance running, including recently completing the Fargo Marathon in a time that qualified her for the Boston Marathon. Dr. Blackhurst’s passion for running exhibits the same characteristics she brings to the MSUM presidency — qualities she has already demonstrated as our Provost and Vice President.

    Resilience ~ Meeting challenges head on and focusing on the goals ahead.
    Focus ~ Confronting situations and working through them one step at a time.
    Strength ~ Exhibiting calmness and balance while remaining strong and flexible.
    Preparation ~ Anticipating situations and following through on a plan of action, yet making adjustments as needed.
    Vision ~ Moving forward with clear goals and objectives, even if results are demonstrated incrementally.
    Openness ~ Learning and listening from others and using feedback to assess all possibilities.
    Trust ~ Having faith in oneself and trusting in the preparation and plan.