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  • South Snarr Double Room Floor PlanSouth Snarr Hall

    Take just a few steps into South Snarr Hall and you feel it immediately: A sense of belonging—and one that’s reinforced by the two spacious lounges on the main level. South Snarr’s TV lounge is a great place for socializing with friends or fellow residents. The piano and study lounge is a popular destination for cracking the books, quiet conversation or to tap out a few notes on the keyboard.

    South Snarr is coed, with men’s and women’s wings separated by lounges. Rooms look and feel spacious, beds can be lofted and all furniture is moveable. South Snarr also features quiet study lounges on each of its four floors. Laundry facilities and kitchenettes are just mere steps away on each floor.

    Newly renovated South Snarr will house many Learning Communities during the 2017-2018 academic year: Biosciences/Chemistry, Education, Rainbow Dragon, and Wellness.

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