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    The Room Sign-Up process for 2016-2017 academic year opens January 11, 2016.

    Current residents living on campus may sign up for the residence hall next year through eServices. As a returning student, you can pick your room for next year during the Room Selection process (see the Room Selection Schedule listed in this document). A limited number of each room type is available, so don’t miss your chance to live on campus next year! Download our On Campus Housing brochure.

    What do I need to sign up for a room?

    Completed Contract

    • You must complete the 2016-2017 Housing and Dining Contract and approve the contract terms with your signature.
    • You can visit our website at mnstate.edu/housing to apply online through eServices, download a PDF copy to fill out, or you may pick up a paper copy at the Housing and Residential Life Office in 120 Ballard Hall.

    $150 Prepayment

    • To secure your space for next year, you will need to make a $150 prepayment when you complete your contract. Housing and Residential Life will apply this payment to your 2016 fall room and board charges.
    • You may pay online via eServices with a credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover); or by credit/debit card, check, cash or money order at the Housing and Residential Life in Ballard 120.
    A completed contract, contract signature and prepayment must all be submitted prior to choosing your room.

    Choosing a Roommate

    RoomSync - Finding a roommate has never been easier!

    MSUM uses RoomSync, roommate matching software which empowers you to find the ideal roommate. RoomSync is free and available to students who have made a MSUM on-campus housing reservation for 2016-2017. By using a passcode-protected Facebook application, Housing and Residential Life works closely with RoomSync to provide students with the unique opportunity to interact with other students while safely finding future roommates. Students can only use the RoomSync application using a special passcode. Housing and Residential Life encourages students, as always, to use caution while using social media. Once you find a roommate, you BOTH need to submit your request to Housing and Residential Life (you will receive instructions from RoomSync on how to do this).

    Living with Your Friends

    Already have a roommate in mind? When you sign up through eServices, you may hold the space in your room for another current student who has not yet signed up for campus housing. You will need the other student’s name and DragonID to enter into your housing application. When the other student logs in to eServices to apply, they will see that they have an “invitation” from you. If you did not apply via eServices, you can still submit your roommate requests online via our Housing Forms and selecting the appropriate link. If you do not request a specific roommate, the other space in the room you have chosen will be available to other students signing up online. A requested roommate space can be held through June 13th. After June 13, the hold will be released and another student will be assigned to the room.

    If you are interested in signing up for a John Neumaier apartment with additional students, your group should try to all sign up at the same time. See the Lottery section for more details.

    Living in John Neumaier Apartments

    John Neumaier apartments are a 10-month lease, from August 1st through May 31st. The apartments are semi-furnished to accommodate four residents, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Apartment residents are not required to have a meal plan but may sign up for any meal plan option. To apply to live in the apartments, you need to have a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of assignment and 24 credits completed by the end of spring semester 2016 to be eligible.

    Housing Lottery (for apartments, suites and single rooms)

    What is the Housing Lottery and am I required to participate?

    The Housing and Residential Life Office has designed the Housing Lottery process to best accommodate requests for popular living spaces. The Housing Lottery is the process by which our currently registered students select their housing accommodations for the next academic year. If you are interested in residing in one of the John Neumaier apartments or one of the residence hall’s suites, super singles or single rooms for the 2016-2017 year, you will need to apply to participate in the Housing Lottery. Students who do not wish to have the opportunity to select an apartment, suite or single room do not need to participate. The lottery application process is online for your convenience. To apply to participate in the lottery, visit mnstate.edu/housing and click on Live on Campus.

    How are the Housing Lottery numbers assigned?

    After you have applied to participate in the Housing Lottery, our software uses computer-generated random numbers to determine cohorts. Students will be divided into cohorts based on credits: 90+ credits, 60-89 credits, 24-59 credits, and less than 24 credits. Each student will be given a cohort assignment via email, along with instructions.

    John Neumaier Lottery Process

    For the John Neumaier Apartment Lottery process on January 22nd, each group of four residents wanting to claim an available apartment should pick a representative for the group. Note: as the lottery priority is based on completed credits, it is in the best interest of the group to appoint the group representative with the highest number of completed credits, but if the groups earned credits are around the same, we encourage you all to apply for the lottery as within the cohort the priority numbers are randomly assigned. The group representative will arrive PROMPTLY at their designated cohort time to choose an apartment for their group. All group members do not need to be present for the representative to pick an apartment. Groups containing less than four students are still eligible to sign up for an apartment during the lottery process; however, they are responsible for finding the remaining roommates by June 13th or responsible for covering the rest of the room rent. We encourage you to find a roommate using RoomSync prior to the lottery process.

    Cohort 1 90+ Credits 9 am
    Cohort 2 60-89 Credits 10am
    Cohort 3 24-59 Credits 2pm
    Cohort 4 Less than 24 Credits 3pm


    Single Room Lottery Process

    Students wishing to be in a single room in a residence hall must be present in the Housing and Residential Life Office on February 4th. You will need to arrive PROMPTLY at your designated cohort time to choose your single room. If you are not able to participate in the lottery during your allotted span of time, you will need to assign a proxy in your place (see proxy information below).

    Cohort 1: female 60+ Credits 9 am
    Cohort 2: male 60+ Credits 10am
    Cohort 3: female 24-59 Credits 1:30pm
    Cohort 4: male 24-59 Credits


    Cohort 5: all genders 0-24 Credits 3:30pm


    Residents Unable to Attend the Lottery (Proxies)

    If you are unable to be present at a housing lottery, you will need to find a proxy. Your proxy will act on your behalf to handle all aspects of the housing lottery process (signing up, selecting your room, etc.). It is your responsibility to designate a proxy at least 3 days prior to any lottery process in which you may participate. Proxy designations after these deadlines will not be recognized. Please stop by the Housing and Residential Life Office to complete a Housing Proxy Form or you may print the Housing Proxy Form from our webpage and turn it in to our office. Please complete this form with as much detail as possible to make the process of selecting a room easier for your proxy. Note: It is important that you let your proxy know your exact preferences as rooms may not be available after your lottery date. Please indicate your housing proxy as well as any specific information about the type of room you would like on your form. If you do not designate a housing proxy and do not attend the housing lottery, you can request to be added to a Waitlist(s).

    Room Selection Schedule

    John Neumaier Apartments

    January 20th - January 22nd
    Housing & Residential Life Office | Ballard 120

    • January 20th: Lottery Closes
    • January 20th (9am-4pm): Returning Residents can claim their same apartment
    • January 21st: Lottery Notification for New Residents participating in the John Neumaier Apartment Housing Lottery
    • January 21st (9am-4pm): Returning Residents can claim a different apartment
    • January 22nd (time based on cohort): New Residents Lottery Rooms Selection Process

    Same Room Sign-Up

    January 18th - January 27th

    If you CURRENTLY live in one of our Residence Halls and you would like to stay in that SAME EXACT ROOM for the 2016-2017 academic year, you need to complete your selection during Same Room Sign-Up via eServices or by coming into the Housing & Residential Life Office. Any room not claimed by its current resident during this time frame will be an available option for other students beginning February 5th. Please be aware that availability may be different for the 2015-2016 year, and your current space may not be an option. If you have received this type of notification in your MSUM email account, please view the information for Displaced Residents.

    Holmquist Suites

    January 25th - January 28th

    • January 25th: Lottery Closes
    • January 26th: Lottery Notification for participating in the Holmquist Suites Housing Lottery
    • January 28th: New Holmquist Suites Lottery Room Selection Process

    Displaced Residents

    January 29th

    If you received a notification (via your MSUM email account) informing you that your current room is no longer an option for the 2016-2017 academic year, you are considered a displaced student; therefore, you will have an opportunity to sign up for a new room before other new and returning residents. In order to select your new space, you will need to come into the Housing and Residential Life Office on January 29th, between 9am and 4pm, to pick a room not already claimed during same room sign-up.

    Super Singles & Single Rooms

    January 31st - February 4th

    • January 30th: Lottery Closes
    • February 1st: Lottery Notification for participating in the Super Singles & Single Room Housing Lottery
    • February 4th (time based on cohort): Single Room Lottery Room Selection Process

    Returning Residents

    Choose a Different Room/Building
    February 5th - 29th

    Students currently living on campus may choose either a different room in the same hall in which they are living or a room in a different building. Sign-Up via eServices or by coming into the Housing & Residential Life Office.

    Currently Enrolled Students

    February 14th - June 13th

    During this time period, room sign-up is open to all current residents and all currently enrolled MSUM students. For example, if you are attending MSUM but currently do not live on campus, you will still be eligible to participate in this portion of on-campus housing room assignment process. Current residents may apply online or stop in during this time to sign a contract for on-campus housing, if you have not done so already. As always, buildings and room styles are based on availability.


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