Roommate Finder

  • October 1, 2017, MSUM started myHousing, a new comprehensive student housing solution including: online housing applications, online roommate and room self selection, roommate matching, and core staff administrative functions. myHousing is free to students who have made a MSUM on-campus housing reservation.

    Once you find a roommate, you BOTH need to join into a Roommate Group. How do I find a roommate?

    • If you've already submitted your housing application, go back into myHousing (recommended to wait until after January 1 to ensure an adequate roommate pool to choose from).
    • Browse for potential roommate three different ways:
      • Browse by Details: you can search for a roommate based on a search result (screenname, gender, age, etc.)
      • Browse by Profile: based on the questions you answered, you can narrow down your pool by searching for roommates based on one of the profile questions.
      • Click the Suggested Roommates link. This is a search functionality where the system can suggest roommates based on the highest percentage match (from your profile).
    •  Join a Group: when students find each other and want to become roommates, one student will creat the group and become the "group leader"  - this person will share the group name and/or invite the other student. The "group leader" can approve members of the group, remove members and change group leaders.

    Roommate Groups should be confirmed no later than June 13 (for fall 2018) in order to be considered. Students who do not request a specific roommate will be assigned a roommate by the Housing and Residential Life Office.