John Neumaier Hall

  • Looking for apartment-style living right on campus? John Neumaier Apartments may be the place for you—as long as you’re an upper class. This coed apartment building combines the convenience of on-campus living with the independence and privacy of apartment life. Each apartment features two spacious bedrooms, two full bathrooms, kitchen and living room. The kitchen features a full-size refrigerator, oven, stove, dishwasher and plenty of cabinet space. Apartments also include air conditioning, phone service, cable TV and Internet access.

    John Neumaier provides the community space you’d expect to find only in an on-campus residence hall. Head over to the social lounge for a game of pool or ping pong—or to get to know other residents. You’ll find plenty of quiet space in the dedicated study lounge. And if you brought a car with you, you’ll find ample parking near John Neumaier Apartments.

    John Neumaier Hall features the following:

    • Floors: 3
    • Occupancy Type(s): 4-person apartments
    • Room Configuration(s):  2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and shared living/kitchen space
    • Room Dimensions: 12'3" x 13'7" x 8'2" (double room)
    • Bathroom(s): 2 bathrooms, with one located in one of the bedrooms
    • Laundry: free; located on each floor
    • Kitchen: located in each apartment
    • Flooring Type(s): carpet in bedrooms and living room
    • Computer Network Connection(s): wired in bedroom; wireless in lounge
    • Cable TV Connection: digital cable
    • Mailbox Location: main level
    • Furniture Provided:  
    • Learning Community: N/A
    • Additional Notes: lounge on 2nd and 3rd floor; computer with printer located in 3rd floor lounge; ping-pong table in 2nd floor lounge; air conditioning throughout building

  • 2016-2017 Apartment Rates

    John Neumaier Apartments are only available to upperclass students, you need to have 24+ credits completed by the end of spring semester to be eligible. Credits may not be earned by exam or during dual enrollment in high school.

    Contract Application Room Lottery

    Entire Apartment
    Per Resident
      Per Month Per Semester Per Month Per Semester
    Rent $1,490.00 $7,450.00 $372.50 $1,862.50
    Phone 21.00 105.00 5.25 26.25
    Cable TV 20.00 100.00 5.00 25.00
    Internet 60.00 300.00 15.00 75.00
    Utilities 100.00 500.00 25.00 125.00
    Readership   10.00    
    Association   5.00    
    Fees/Semester $201.00 $1,020.00 $50.25 $251.25
    TOTAL $1,633.00 $8,180.00 $422.75 $2,113.75
    • The chart shows how the rates are bundled based on 4 occupants per apartment unit.
    • Leases/Contracts are 10-months, from August-May.
    • Summer leases/contracts are optional and cover June-July for $2,258.50/apartment (includes service fees)
    • Readership Fee: $10/semester, no matter how many residents/apartment; paid entirely in the first of any payment Fall and Spring semester
    • Association Fees: $5/semester maximum; no matter how many residents/apartment; prorated and full amount paid in first payment of Fall and Spring semester
    • Residents may purchase a meal plan if they wish

    Use the following address to send mail and packages to MSUM residents.

    There is one mailbox for each room. Mailboxes are located on the first floor of each building at the hall desk. Packages that do not fit in a mailbox are held at the hall desk until residents can pick them up.

    Mailing Address

    [Student Name]
    [Room Number & Residence Hall Name]
    Moorhead, MN 56563-[zip code extension]

    Building Zip Code Extension Numbers:

    • Ballard Hall - 1010
    • Dahl Hall - 1020
    • Nelson Hall - 1030
    • Grantham Hall - 1040
    • Holmquist Hall - 1050
    • East Snarr Hall - 1060
    • South Snarr Hall - 1070
    • West Snarr Hall - 1080
    • John Neumaier - 1090

    Digital Cable and DSL Internet Service is provided by MidCo Communications. Wireless internet is available in the common area floor and building lounges in each hall. Each room has a DSL router box or ethernet port wall jack. You will need to provide your own ethernet cord or wireless router. Rooms are equipped with digital cable (older TV styles will not work).

    If you have trouble connecting or would like to add DVR services (for a fee), MidCo answers the phone 24/7! Call 1-800-888-1300 from your room; when you hear prompts, press 1 for the Residential Customer Service care line. You will be asked for your address (use 1104 7th Ave S, Moorhead, MN 56563). Please note: the call reps may not understand you are in a dorm room, not an off-campus apartment building.

    Visit for channel list, self-help guides, online chat support and troubleshooting tips.

    Reminder: only the common areas have wi-fi access; to provide residents with the fastest and most reliable internet, Midcontinent internet is accessible through ethernet connection. Residents are free to purchase their own wireless router if they prefer wi-fi connection within their room.

    We strongly encourage our students to pursue renters insurance. You may arrange for renter's insurance through your own insurance company. MSUM does not insure personal belongings in student rooms. While we hope students will never need to file a renter's insurance claim, it is important to be prepared just in case.