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  • 2015-2016 Room Rates

    We offer a variety of housing options and meal plans to meet your living and dining needs.

    Room Type   Basic Room Rates per Semester   Renovated Room Rates per Semester  
    Double $2,424 $2,763
    Single $2,786 $3,176
    Super Single $3,225 N/A
    Double as Single $3,225 $3,715
    Suites $3,715 N/A
    • Double is a room able to accommodate 2 people and has 2 beds
    • Single is a room able to accommodate 1 person and has 1 bed
    • Super Single is a room that can accommodate 2 people but only has 2 bed (does include two closet/desk areas)
    • Double as Single is a Double occupied by 1 person (pending availability)
    • Suites accommodate 2 people, has 2 bedrooms (2 beds per bedroom), 1 bathroom, and a common living space
    • Suites are only available in Holmquist Hall
    • Residence Halls billed at Basic Room Rate are Ballard, East Snarr, Holmquist, Nelson and South Snarr
    • Residence Halls billed at Renovated Room Rate are Dahl, Grantham and West Snarr


    John Neumaier Apartment Rates

    • Apartment with 4 Occupants: $2,183.75/semester per occupant (includes service fees)
    • Service fees include utilities, phone, cable TV, internet, newspaper readership and association fees
    • Contracts are for 10 months (August - May)
    • Continuing residents can stay in June and July for $2,259/apartment (includes service fees)
    • John Neumaier Apartments are only available to upperclass students
    • Click [here] for more details on John Neumaier Apartments


    Meal Plans

    Meal Plan Dragon Dollars Guest Passes Available To Price per Semester
    Unlimited Dining $150 5 All Residents $1,475
    Unlimited Dining $250 10 All Residents $1,550
    Unlimited Dining $325 15 All Residents $1,600
    200 Meals per Semester $150 0 Upperclass Students $1,270
    120 Meals per Semester $250 0 Upperclass Students $1,270
    50 Meals per Semester $200 0 Upperclass Students $623
    50 Meals per Semester $300 0 Upperclass Students $723

    *Upperclass is defined as a student who has earned 24+ credits (credits may not be earned by exam or during dual enrollment in high school)