• Nelson Hall


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  • Nelson Hall Double Room Floor Plan

    Nelson Hall

    You can’t miss Nelson Hall. Twelve floors tall and boasting a unique cylindrical shape, it’s a campus landmark. Check out the 12th floor lounge, which is used for meetings, floor programs and studying, and offers sweeping views of campus, downtown Moorhead, the Red River, Fargo and the vast plains beyond.

    In keeping with Nelson’s unique design, rooms are pie-shaped and located around the building’s perimeter. Nelson Hall is coed by floor. Beds can be lofted or bunked to make the most of available space. A circular floorplan provides for several community spaces, including a social lounge, study rooms and kitchenettes with stoves on each floor. And there’s no need to haul your laundry to the basement; laundry rooms are conveniently located on each floor as well.

    Nelson Hall is home to the International/Global Connections Learning Community.

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