• Grantham Hall


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  • Grantham Hall Double Room Layout

    Grantham Hall

    Looking for luxury living in a residence hall? Don’t miss Grantham Hall. Renovated in 2010, it boasts comfortable rooms and fully moveable furniture, which allows you to configure the space to your (and your roommate’s) liking. It also features modular beds you can adjust to virtually any height—and even bunk or loft them.

    Grantham is coed and features lounges, kitchenettes and laundry facilities on each floor. The first-floor lounge is historically known as one of the coolest hangout spots on campus. It’s the perfect place to relax and kick back with friends or enjoy a leisurely game of pool or table tennis.

    Grantham Hall is home to three Learning Communities: Exploration, Leadership and Speech Language Hearing Sciences.



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