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  • Finding a Roommate Has Never Been Easier with RoomSync!

    RoomSync, our roommate matching software through Facebook, empowers you to find the ideal roommate.  RoomSync is free and available to students who have made a MSU Moorhead on-campus housing reservation for next year.

    RoomSync First Year RoomSync Upperclass

    About RoomSync

    By using a passcode-protected Facebook application, the Department of Residential Life works closely with RoomSync to provide students with the unique opportunity to interact with other students while safely finding future roommates. Students can only use the RoomSync application using the special passcode below. Housing and Residential Life encourages students, as always, to use caution while using social media.

    If you have questions about how to use the RoomSync app, please contact the Housing and Residential Life office in 120 Ballard Hall or visit the RoomSync Support page.

    Setting Up RoomSync

    1. Select appropriate link above or log into Facebook.
    2. Search for "RoomSync" and click on the blue "Go to App" button.
    3. Click "Allow" to give the app permission to access your information. (This is how you and your potential roommate matches will begin to learn more about each other, through the information posted on Facebook.  If you have privacy settings that limit the information you share, your potential matches will only be allowed to see the information you do not have blocked).
    4. Type your name exactly as it appears on Facebook in the box provided. The application is case-sensitive, and don't include any extra spaces before or after your name.
    5. Click on the blue button "I Agree to U-Match Terms."
    6. In the "Join a Network Community" box type and select Minnesota State University Moorhead.
    7. Select the appropriate "Sub-Network, " either first-year student or upperclass/returning/transfer student.
    8. The passcode for First-Year Students is 12345; the passcode for Upperclass/Transfer Students is 16789.
    9. In the "Select a Room Type" box choose "Any Room Type." (You may preference a more specific room type in a later question.)
    10. Click the blue "Next" button.
    11. Enter your Lifestyle Preferences and Ideal Roommate Information and click the blue "Next" button  at the bottom of the page.
    12. Select your Major(s) and click the blue "Next" button.
    13. Follow prompts.
    14. When you get to the final page, click the blue "Find a Roommate" button and start searching. Have Fun!


    RoomSync App for Android

    After you set up your RoomSync account on Facebook, you can search for roommates with the Roomsync App for Android.  

    • Browse for roommates
    • Search by Facebook interests, majors & more
    • Request and confirm your roommate matches
    • Get instant roommate updates on your phone


    Submit Your Request to the Department of Residential Life

    When you find a roommate, you BOTH need to submit your request to Housing and Residential Life. There are many ways you and your future roommate can ensure you are roomed together:

    1. If you've already submitted your housing application, go to eServices and EDIT your contract, adding your roommate request to your housing application.  You will need your roommate's MSUM DragonID.
    2. If you've not submitted your housing application yet, include your roommate request through the housing application in eServices or you may submit the information on your paper housing application. You will need your roommate's MSUM Dragon ID.
    3. If you already submitted your housing application via paper, simply email housing@mnstate.edu with you roommate request.
    4. Regardless of how you applied for housing, you can fill out the Roommate Request form online (you will need to log in with your MSUM email credentials).

    Roommate requests must be submitted no later than June 13 in order to be considered. Students who do not request a specific roommate will be assigned a roommate by the Housing and Residential Life Office.