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    We have purchased a complete housing software package (StarRez) and will be rolling over to this new package later this summer. Because it will not be ready in time to find a roommate before students are assigned, we are using a private Facebook group to allow new Dragons to introduce themselves and potentially find a roommate for next year. Once a student has completed their contract and paid the $50 prepayment, they receive an email inviting them to join the group. If you find a roommate for next year, be sure to read the section below on how to let our office know.

    Found a Roommate for Next Year?

    When you find a roommate, you BOTH need to submit your request to our office. There are two ways you and your future roommate can ensure you are roomed together:

    1. If you've already submitted your housing application, go to eServices and EDIT your contract, adding your roommate request to your housing application.  You will need your roommate's MSUM DragonID.
    2. Regardless of how you applied for housing, you can fill out the Roommate Request form online (you will need to log in with your StarID credentials).

    Roommate requests must be submitted no later than June 13 in order to be considered. Students who do not request a specific roommate will be assigned a roommate by the Housing and Residential Life Office.