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  • Frequently Asked Questions - Honors Apprentice

Honors Apprentice

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  • Honors Apprentice FAQs

    What will I do for my apprenticeship?

    Students will be matched with a faculty mentor who will supervise their apprenticeship activities. These activities might include directed or independent laboratory research and other creative activities (see the list of sample apprenticeship positions).

    What do I need to do to keep my HAS?

    Students are required to (1) spend an average of 5 hours a week working at their apprenticeship and (2) to maintain a satisfactory GPA and (3) to maintain full-time status.

    Is my performance on the apprenticeship evaluated?

    Yes, students will complete self-evaluations and faculty supervisors will complete student apprentice evaluations at the end of each semester.

    What's the difference between the freshmen HAS and the upper class HAS?

    The Freshmen HAS is awarded for four years to incoming freshmen based on ACT score and application materials. The Upperclass HAS is awarded to transfer or upperclass students for two years and is based on GPA and application materials. See the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid for applications.

    Can I keep my HAS if I want to study abroad?

    In some cases, students who participate in MSUM sponsored programs such as Euro-Spring, exchange programs, or short-term course experiences abroad can keep their HAS if they can arrange for the apprentice hours. Students should contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid before making study abroad plans to determine if they are able to keep the Honors Apprentice award during their study abroad.

    Can I change my apprenticeship site?

    Yes, students can change to another apprentice site/faculty mentor if available.

    Is the HAS the same thing as the Honors Program?

    No, the HAS is a scholarship awarded by Financial Aid that involves students apprenticing with a faculty mentor. The Honors Program is an exclusive curriculum of classes that students take along with their major to make the most of their undergraduate experience. Students who are eligible to apply for an HAS are also eligible for invitation to the Honors Program and can earn program credit through their apprenticeship activities (see the Honors Program website for more information).