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  • Meet the Graduates

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    Allan Branstitter
    B.S. in History, 2011
    Graduate Teaching Assistant, MA War and Society Graduate Student, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS
    I'm a first year MA student here at the University of Southern Mississippi. In my program (War and Society) I study the history of warfare from "the bottom up," which essentially means I combine gender, social, cultural, race and other studies with military history in order to understand the intersection of warfare and society. It's a very interesting way to study military history as it focuses on the people and perspectives that traditional military history often ignores.
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    Joel Drevlow
    B.S. in History, East Asian Studies, minor in TESL, 2011
    English Teacher, Center for Teaching Language in China, Shenzhen, (Guandong Province) China
    I teach spoken English skills to Chinese high school students at Shenzhen 2nd Foreign Language School. I write and develop my own lesson plans and help with extracurricular activities at my school, such as guitar club.