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    Our department offers undergraduate degrees in History (B.A.) and Social Studies (B.S.) as well as a minor in History.  These courses of study help students to develop knowledge and skills that are applicable to many pursuits. If a student plans to teach history at the high school or middle school level, they should instead pursue the Social Studies major, which certifies secondary teachers. The History major is designed to provide students with a broad foundational knowledge of human history and a set of skills to make them better communicators, researchers, and critical thinkers. Students are also encouraged to develop a global perspective through foreign language study and through a curriculum that includes courses on Asia, Latin America, and Africa, along with the United States and Europe. The diverse teaching fields of the History faculty allow students a wide array of specialized, upperlevel courses they can elect. History majors work closely with faculty through a course of study that culminates in a senior seminar. Mentoring relationships with faculty help students to reach their full potential.