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Hendrix Clinic & Counseling Center

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    The Hendrix Clinic and Counseling Center offers a variety of services for MSUM students. Check them out below.

    Counseling Services (FREE and confidential appointments available to all students)

    Licensed Addiction Counselor: Provides assessment, individual and group counseling, crisis intervention services, and referral to off-campus resources when appropriate. Appointments are recommended, same day care may be available when needed.

    Sexual Assault Counselor: Provides short-term individual, and group counseling. Appointments are recommended, same day care may be available when needed.

    Emergency Contraception
    Emergency contraception is birth control that prevents pregnancy after sex, which is why it is sometimes called "the morning after pill," "the day after pill," or "morning after contraception."

    Laboratory services performed at the Health Service include: routine blood counts, urinalysis, throat cultures, STD cultures, pregnancy test. Charges are at a reduced rate and due at the time of service. Insurance forms for reimbursement are completed and available at time of service. The samples for tests which cannot be done in Hendrix Clinic and Counseling Center are sent to a reference Laboratory for testing.

    Medical Clinic
    Provides treatment and follow-up for general medical needs and chronic health problems. Appointments are recommended; when needed same day care may be available.

    Mental Health Services
    HCCC has two licensed psychologists on staff who provide mental health counseling for students.

    Minnesota Family Planning Program (MFPP)
    The Minnesota Family Planning Program is a health care program that covers family planning services: annual exam, STI testing, birth control emergency contraception, and education.

    Non-Emergent, Ambulatory Care
    For health maintenance, such as immunizations, allergy injections, annual gynecological examinations, STD and HIV screening, treatment of minor illness, and consultation. Referral for services not available on site (e.g. X-ray, emergency trauma care, surgery, specialty exams). Charges at the referral sites are the responsibility of the patient.

    Provides Prescription and non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications at competitive prices. Use your phone to order refills (218) 477-5875.

    Women's Clinic
    Provides treatment and services for women's health care needs. Appointments are recommended; when needed, same day care may be available.