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  • Patient Bill of Rights

Hendrix Clinic & Counseling Center

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  • Patient Bill of Rights 

    Patient Rights Include: 

    1. The right to be treated with respect, consideration, and dignity regardless of your race, age, beliefs, sex, and/or lifestyle.
    2. The right to receive an explanation of your diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in terms you can understand.
    3. The right to receive the necessary information to participate in decisions about your care and to give informed consent before any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure is performed.
    4. The right to refuse treatment, except as prohibited by law, and to be informed of the consequences of making this decision.
    5. The right to expect that your personal privacy will be respected by all staff at Hendrix Clinic and Counseling Center.
    6. The right to receive the Notice of Privacy Practices relevant to your health information. HHC is required by law to maintain the privacy of your health information and provide you a description of our privacy practices. In circumstances specified by Minnesota State Law, health information may or must be released without patients consent. You have the right to a paper copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices.
    7. The right to know the names and positions of people involved in your care by official nametag and/or personal introduction.
    8. The right to full explanation of any research or experimental procedure proposed for treatment and the opportunity to give your informed consent before any procedure will begin.
    9. The right to ask and receive an explanation of any charges that may be made by HHC even though they may be covered by insurance.
    10. The right to obtain another medical opinion prior to any procedure or treatment.
    11. The right to review any medical records created and maintained by HHC regarding your care and treatment. (Note: See Clinical Records Policy VA.)

    Patient Responsibilities Include: 

    1. Providing accurate, honest, and complete information concerning your present and past health history to your health care provider.
    2. Asking questions if you do not understand the explanation of your diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, or any instructions.
    3. Keeping appointments on time, or, if necessary to cancel scheduled appointments.
    4. Communicating with faculty in order to make up missed class work.
    5. Any fees billed to you.
    6. Following rules and regulations that are posted within HHC.
    7. Providing proof that you are a registered student at Minnesota State University Moorhead or Minnesota State Community and Technical College.
    8. Honoring the terms of equipment loans and other special arrangements that you make with the Health Center.
    9. Providing Hendrix Clinic and Counseling Center with constructive criticism of your experience at the Health Center to allow our continued improvement of services.
    10. Maintaining an environment that is civil and safe for students, patients, and staff.

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