Counseling & Mental Health Services

  • Whether you’re struggling with coursework, experiencing relationship issues, concerned over drinking or drug use or experiencing any other issue, our licensed and trained clinicians can help you navigate the tough times.

    We offer free  and  confidential  mental health, alcohol and drug, sexual assault and violence counseling. Our licensed and trained mental health counselors understand the issues students face and offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment for getting you on track to achieving your personal and academic goals.

    Appointments are recommended; same-day care may be available when needed.

  • We offer free, confidential, short-term mental health counseling to help you address the issues you’re facing. Our staff can also provide referrals for psychiatric services or community resources for students with long-term mental health needs.

    If you have concerns about your own substance use or that of a friend or family member, free and confidential substance-use counseling is just a phone call away. Our licensed addiction counselor provides drug and alcohol assessments, individual and group counseling, crisis intervention services and referral to off-campus resources when necessary.

    We’re committed to a campus environment that is free of sexual or relationship violence. We work closely with community resources that offer free and confidential counseling services for students who are victims or secondary victims of sexual assault and/or relationship violence. Other services include crisis intervention, legal and medical advocacy, support groups and short-term individual or group counseling sessions.

    The university’s CARE Team is a resource that students, faculty and staff can contact if they have concerns over the welfare of a student. These concerns may include depression, substance abuse, thoughts of suicide, disruptive behavior in class, making violent statements or feeling threatened by a student. If you contact the CARE Team, you can expect that your referral will be taken seriously and that the team will respond based on the individual needs of the student and situation. A member of the team may contact you for additional information or clarification about your referral.

    If you are in urgent need of assistance and would like to talk with someone, call one of these 24-hour numbers immediately:

    • FirstLink 24-Hour Crisis and Referral: 701.235.7335
    • 24 Hour Suicide Prevention: 800.273.8255
    • Rape and Abuse Crisis Center: 701.293.7273
    • Veterans Crisis Hotline: 800.838-2838
    • LGBTQ+ Lifeline: 866.488.7386
    • Poison Control: 1.800.222.1222
    • MSUM Safe Zone
    • Campus Security Escorts: 218.477.2449
    • Prairie at St. Johns: 701.476.7216