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  • Classroom System/Projectors

    MSUM campus instructional classrooms feature a wide range of technology to allow instructors to enhance their teaching by including multimedia presentations. Some of the technology implemented:

    • Computer
    • Projector and screen
    • DVD/VCR or Blu-Ray player
    • Speakers
    • Smart Board
    • System audio-visual switcher

    MSUM Information Technology Department continues to upgrade the instructional rooms with a consistent system and design so each room has a similar operation, making it easier for instructors to move from room to room. You can find similar technology needs grouped with instructions for each below.

    Instructional Rooms with System Audio-Visual Switcher

    BR161, BR162, BR261, CA165, HA201, MA278, NZ100, NZ104, NZ202, NZ204, WE102, WE109
    System Switcher Instructions

    Instructional Rooms with System Audio-Visual Switcher and Document Camera

    BR268, BR361, CB103, CB105, CB109, CB111, CB112, CB113, CB200, CB202, CB203, CB210, CB212, FR254, HA113, HA117, HA202, HA205, HA206, HA207, HA208, HA210, HA325, KH115, KH215, KH217, LI222, LI103, LOB3, LOB4, LOB5, LO89, LO90, LO91, LO93, LO101, LO102, LO104, LO108, LO110, LO201, LO203, LO204, LO207, LO208, MA164, MA165, MA166, MA167, MA169, MA171, MA172, MA173, MA181, MA269, MA272, MA274, MA276, MU204, NZ119, SL102, SL118
    System Switcher Instructions

    Instructional Rooms with Projector

    BR164, BR262, BR263, BR264, BR269, BR357, BR362, BR363, BR364, CA33, CA43, CA117, CA119, CA120, CA144, CA146, CA148, CA151, CA163A, CA166, CA167, CA168, CB106, FR124, FR241, FR249, FR252, , FR258, HA105, HA116, HA209, HA305, HA314, HA316, HA317, HA323, HA324, HA404, HA405, HA408, HA409, HA410, HA411, KH110, KH120, KH216, KH218, KH303, KH305, KH306, LI208, MA174, MA273, MA373, MA384, MU206, MU208, MU225, SL103, SL109, SL110, SL114, SL202, SL208, SL209, SL210, SL216, SL302, SL306, SL307, SL316, SL320, WE2, WE3, WE15, WE16, WE17
    Projector Instructions

    Instructional Room Support

    Please contact the IT Helpdesk. To use a Mac laptop, please make sure you have the appropriate VGA or HDMI adapter that works with your Mac.