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    Kappa Sigma
    At the heart of Kappa Sigma lie the Fraternity's Four Pillars, which guide their ambitions and underpin their successes. Striving for excellence in Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship & Service produces Brothers who are involved in all aspects of campus life; who excel academically as students and professionally upon graduation; who develop lifelong bonds with those around them and who support those peers; and who serve their colleges and communities. Becoming a Kappa Sigma provides the framework to build yourself into the man you want to be. 

     Sigma Tau Gamma
    Committing ourselves to the highest ideals of brotherhood set forth by the Principles of the Fraternity:
    • the Principle of Value, to enhance the worth of belonging;
    • the Principle of Learning, to afford the environment for learning;
    • the Principle of Leadership, to develop good leaders for America;
    • the Principle of Benefit, to serve fraternity, college, country;
    • the Principle of Excellence, to strive for superior performance; and
    • the Principle of Integrity, to perfect a structure of honor
    Sigma Tau Gamma is in the process of developing a chapter at MSUM.