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  • Greek Facts

Greek Life

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  • Greek Facts 

    Are you wondering if Greek Life is for you? 

    Then keep this in mind--Greeks are leaders. Leaders on campus, in business, and in their communities.

    Consider the following:

    • Normally, 71% of all Greeks graduate while only 50% of non-Greeks graduate
    • 85% of the Fortune 500 key executives are Greek
    • Greeks head 86% of the nation's 50 largest corporations.
    • Greeks at MSUM have higher GPA's than the average undergraduate student
    • The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a sorority member
    • 70% of the U.S. Presidents' cabinet members since 1900 have been Greek.
    • 76% of U.S. Senators are Greek
    • Since 1910, 85% of the Supreme Court Justices have been Greek.
    • Less than 2% of an average college student's expenses go towards Greek membership dues.

    10 Fun Facts about Greek Life 

    1. We are smart! On average, the all sorority and fraternity GPA consistently matches and often well exceeds the all-women's, men's, and campus averages.
    2. We are diverse! Sororities and fraternities represent the rich diversity of the campus population.
    3. We are responsible! Members who make commitments to themselves and their chapters prove to be among the most well respected students.
    4. We help others! Greek organizations are recognized for their philanthropic work.
    5. We are leaders! Greek women and men are involved in campus activities, are often the most visible campus leaders, and the most enthusiastic at University events.
    6. We DO NOT haze!!! Hazing is illegal. MSUM enforces both the state and federal laws.
    7. We are affordable! Greek life is an investment in your future. Each chapter will help members to plan, budget, and fundraise to afford to participate in Greek Life.
    8. We are not rich! Greek members are not wealthy. Women and men in sororities and fraternities maintain jobs and internships. Many receive financial aid and scholarships to help finance their college education.
    9. We network! Greeks are afforded networking opportunities through alumni for job asistance and advice, internship exposure, and general direction when entering the work force.
    10. We have FUN!! Greeks have tons of fun!!!! Greeks maintain a balance between the classroom and personal time. Events such as formal dances, retreats, sisterhood and brotherhood activities are just a few of the fun events planned every year.