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Graduate Studies

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    Your information source for current graduate studies students looking to complete their Graduate degree.

    FormsDegree Completion Process
    Policies and RegulationsInstitutional Review Board

  • The process for graduating requires you to complete multiple steps, so we’ve provided a list of reminders to ease the process. Check out this list to ensure you’re on the right track.

    • Forms 1-4 must be submitted to the Graduate Office before the end of the semester.
    • Thesis/Project copies must be submitted to the Library for binding before the end of the semester.
    • If you are participating in commencement ceremonies, you must order the appropriate academic garb from the Bookstore.
    • Your degree will be posted AFTER all final grades are submitted. Keep checking your record to be sure this has been done.
    • Make sure you have a correct forwarding address on file for your diploma.