MS Speech-Language Pathology Cost & Aid

  • MSU Moorhead's Speech Language Pathology program is an excellent value. Compare MSUM’s tuition to other private and for-profit colleges and even public universities, and you’ll see we are competitively priced. Our graduates prove the value of our programs. We are committed to providing an affordable, high-quality education to all students.

    Speech Language Pathology Tuition & Fee Rates

  • Tuition Per Credit: $442.00

    All graduate courses have fees in addition to the tuition. Differential tuition, personal property or service charges are also assessed on certain courses.

  • MSUM Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences undergraduate and graduate students have eligibility for scholarships. Students are encouraged to explore the options and apply by the deadlines. The scholarships are generally awarded for the following academic year. Students can apply for university scholarships through the online scholarship application.

    Each spring the SLHS scholarship committee informs students of the application process and deadline for scholarships awarded within the department. The number of scholarship awards varies based on availability of funds, but usually includes:

    • SLHS department scholarships funded by funds donated to the department (discretionary fund)
    • Fargo Moorhead Sertoma club scholarships (donated by the club each year).
    • In addition, the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)/Collegiate Sertoma club at MSUM often sponsors a bookstore award each year.


    1. Recipients must be enrolled at MSUM during the disbursement of the awards.
    2. Applicants should demonstrate strong academic performance.

    Scholarships Offered

    • David J. Lutes Speech Language Pathology Graduate Scholarship
    • Fargo Moorhead (FM) Sertoma Club Graduate Scholarship
    • Fargo Moorhead (FM) Sertoma Club Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Gamma Nu/Delta Zeta Sorority Graduate Scholarship
    • LaRae and Terry McGillivray Graduate Scholarships
    • NSSLHA/Collegiate Sertoma Bookstore Graduate Award
    • NSSLHA/Collegiate Sertoma Bookstore Undergraduate Award
    • Sidney and Rosalyn Adler Memorial Graduate Scholarship
    • Speech Language Hearing Sciences Undergraduate Scholarship
    • Speech Language Pathology Graduate Scholarship
    • Virgil Black Endowed Graduate Scholarship

    External Scholarships

    We are committed to providing you the best financial aid package possible for your graduate program. If you need assistance completing your financial aid application, please contact the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.

    Steps to apply for Financial Aid

    A graduate assistantship provides real-world experience working with faculty in your academic discipline while helping to meet your college expenses. An assistantship will strengthen your academic experience and develop your professional skills. Depending on your program and area of interest, an assistantship may include scholarly research, program administration or student support services.

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