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  • Master of Business Administration

    Program Coordinator: Mary Stone
    Center for Business 204I, (218) 477-4660

    Program Description

    The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides professionals in the region with the skills necessary to become more effective leaders in their industry. The MBA courses include content covering quantitative methods, entrepreneurship, international marketing, project management, and investments. The MBA program is a professional program that serves students with undergraduate degrees in any field of study. The program is structured to provide students with an operational understanding of the functional areas of business, the tools to apply critical thinking skills to managerial decisions, and a framework for strategic thinking and planning that applies to all areas of business.

    New for Fall 2015! Distance learners will now be able to join lectures electronically.

    The Paseka School of Business is accredited byAACSB International. Fewer than 5 percent of the world's business schools have achieved this distinction, which involves a process of rigorous internal review and evaluation. AACSB accreditation signifies that the Paseka School of Business has a high-quality teaching environment, a commitment to continuous improvement, and is curricula responsive to the needs of business.

    Degree Requirements (37 credits)

    Core Requirements (22 credits)

    MBA 611 Marketing Management (3)
    MBA 621 Managerial Accounting (3)
    MBA 631 Financial Management (3)
    MBA 641 Human Resource Management (3)
    MBA 651 Organizational Behavior (3)
    MBA 682 Operations Management (3)

    MBA 688 Strategic Management (3)
    MBA 695 Portfolio/Plan B [in your final semester] (1)

    Program Emphasis Requirements (15 credits)

    BUS 602 Quantitative Methods (3)
    MBA 661 Entrepreneurship (Prereq. MBA 651) (3)
    MBA 615 International Marketing (Prereq. MBA 611) (3)
    MBA 685 Project Management (3)
    BUS 648 Investments (3)

    Courses are offered as follows:

    Fall Semester

    Spring Semester


    MBA 611

    MBA 641

    MBA 682

    MBA 621

    MBA 651

    MBA 688

    MBA 631

    MBA 615

    MBA 685

    BUS 602

    BUS 648


    MBA 661




    Admission Requirements