Mathematics Graduate Certificate

  • Online Math Graduate Certificate

    The online, masters-level Mathematics Graduate Certificate allows educators to teach college-level mathematics courses to high school students for college-level math credits. Students who complete the online math certificate will be able to demonstrate an understanding of graduate-level mathematics and problem-solving techniques. Upon completion of the certificate, graduate students will be able to:

    • Synthesize concepts from different mathematical disciplines into an understanding of the larger concept of mathematics and write and analyze proof
    • Demonstrate experimental mathematics techniques for exploring and developing solutions to problems
    • Apply advanced mathematical techniques to solving real-­world problems


    Official certificate in Mathematics graduate degree requirements coming in July.

    Online Mathematics Graduate Certificate Proposed Degree Requirements

    Students must earn 18 online credits from the following list:

    • MATH 511 Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics (3)
    • MATH 512 Applied Variation, Proportionality & Related Topics (3)
    • MATH 661 Functions of Complex Variables and Applications (3)
    • MATH 590 Topics in Mathematics (3)
    • MATH 626 Mathematical Problem Solving (3)
    • MATH 634 Probability and Statistics for Applications (4)
    • MATH 676 Abstract Algebra and Galois Theory (3)
    • MATH 690 Topics in Mathematics (3)