• Master of Healthcare Administration

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  • Master of Healthcare Administration

    School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership
    213 Lommen Hall, (218) 477-2693

    Program Description

    The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program provides students with the skills and experience to be competitive in a variety of professional settings. Building on students' existing leadership skills, management styles and current understanding of healthcare policy in the highly regulated healthcare industry, students will be able to dynamically contribute to the improvement of the delivery of services throughout the healthcare continuum.

    Degree Requirements (37 credits)

    COMH 638 Health Information Systems (3)
    ECON 610 Health Care Economics (3)
    MBA 611 Marketing Management (3)
    MBA 641 Human Resource Management (3)
    MBA 671 Health Care Delivery Sciencer (3)
    MHA 614 Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations (3)
    MHA 618 Health Care Law and Ethical Decision Making (3)
    MHA 619 Applied Health Care Financial Management (3)
    MHA 620 Health Care Policy and Reimbursement (3)
    MHA 622 Health Care Quality and Regulatory Management (3)
    MHA 692A Capstone I (1)
    MHA 692B Capstone II (6)

    Admission Requirements