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    What are they?

    Academic departments and the Graduate Studies Office award assistantships in two categories:

    1. Federal or state work assistantships require students to meet financial eligibility guidelines, including the July 31 deadline. Students complete necessary Financial Aid documents. This assistantship becomes part of the total financial aid award and loan eligibility may be adjusted to accommodate this type of award.
    2. Institutional assistantships are awarded without regard to financial qualifications.

    Assistantships generally require 10 to 12 hours of work each week and provide an opportunity to gain experience in the field of major interest, working with faculty in the discipline.

    Graduate Assistantship awards are made in the summer for the following year. Awards are made as applications are approved, so early application is recommended.

    Graduate programs are awarded money for graduate assistantships each year by the Graduate Studies Office.  These assistantships are usually reserved for students that are admitted to that program. Contact the program and ask about positions available.

    Many other campus offices hire graduate students. Click here for the most recent Graduate Assistantship vacancies or check the Dragon Jobs listings maintained by the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.

    How do I apply?
    Graduate Assistantships that are funded by the Graduate Studies Office follow the following application process:

    1. Student completes an Application for Graduate Assistantship and returns it to the Graduate Studies Office.
    2. Graduate Studies Office notifies the program designated on the application.
    3. Graduate program completes and submits:  
    4. The student will receive an appointment letter from the Graduate Studies Office stating the details of the graduate assistantship award.