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Master of Science in Nursing

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  • Master of Nursing

    The MSUM Nursing Program offers a Master of Science (MS) with a major in nursing. This degree prepares registered nurses for advanced roles in healthcare. The program builds upon the general baccalaureate nursing competencies and provides specialty education and leadership necessary to meet the education needs of graduate nursing students. Graduates will be better able to contribute to the advancement of nursing practice, to collaborate in clinical practice, and to form research partnerships in education and healthcare settings. The MS with a major in nursing provides two emphasis choices:

    • Nursing Education (NED)
    • Nursing Administration and Organization Systems Leadership (NAOSL)

    All courses are offered online with monthly synchronous meetings using a virtual platform. Practical/experiential learning may take place in the student’s home area, if appropriate. Students select practica that fit their practice areas or populations of interest and the course objectives.