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  • Maps and Atlases

    Minnesota State University Moorhead Library collects and houses an assortment of paper maps. These are located in the first floor reference area. The collection consists of Federal, Minnesota, and North Dakota United States Geographical Service (USGS) topographic series, several other federal government agency maps such as the Central Intelligence Agency and Census Bureau maps, and a cabinet of "popular" maps (state transportation maps, for example). Most maps may be checked out at the government documents/periodicals circulation desk. Use WebPALS online catalog and the U.S. Government Documents (Monthly Catalog online), or contact me to determine what exactly is in our collection. Visit the USGS, CIA, and Census Bureau by clicking on the names above. 

    The atlas collection is housed with the map collection in the first floor reference area and consists mostly of general interest resources.

    Online Map Services

    Many other online map services are available on the web. Several are listed below, but there are numerous other sites worth investigating.

    Northwestern University (Ill.) has created a very useful site with links to mapping sources. It includes various federal agency resources (including Census Bureau tools), international sites, and state sites. Their Reference Resources page is also very useful, with links to GIS tools and gazetteers, dictionaries, and guides.

    Minnesota Legislative Maps Page -- Provides links to an assortment of mapping resources related to Minnesota.

    Minnesota Land Management and Information Center, -- The Land Management Information Center at Minnesota Planning offers services to improve the effective use of geographic information in Minnesota.

    The United States Gazetteer produced by the USGS is also available online for searching place names and creating a map of the areas.

    MapStats -- MapStats provides statistics (demographics, economic, and social data) and links to additional data sources produced by more than 70 agencies in the United States for profiles of your state and county.

    All the Worlds Maps -- Provides access to national maps and maps pinpointing
    major cities for countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Also includes links to worldwide directories providing embassy locations, consulate locations, dialing codes, telephone directories, visa requirements, voltage requirements, and telephone rates. Searchable.

    Historical Maps of the United States -- Compiled by the University of Texas Perry-Castañeda Library Map Dept., contains links to a variety of historical maps.

    David Rumsey Map Collection -- David Rumsey, president of Cartography Associates, is providing the public access to his private collection of maps. Using a Geographical Information System (GIS) browser developed by Telemorphic, users can overlay multiple maps, create custom maps and trace historic or cultural changes in a geographic area. Rumsey is the first collector to make GIS freely available to people through the Internet. That effort is part of Rumsey's plan to keep access open and free to the public. Currently the site boasts more than 6,500 images from Rumsey's vast collection of 150,000 maps.

    The Civil War Maps collection -- Developed by the Library of Congress, there are approximately 2240 maps in this collection with 76 atlases and sketchbooks. Updated monthly.

    Switchboard -- amongst several online telephone directories, allows the creation of maps. These resources are useful for locating a person or business on a map.

    Daily Planet -- Presented by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS) in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), the site includes information on weather and climate products, an online guide to meteorology, the DAS brochure, and the Weather Visualizer's page of customized weather maps. Discusses forces and winds, clouds and optical effects, thunderstorms and tornadoes, and weather forecasting methods. Provides access to the UIUC-CoVis Geosciences Web server.

    Live Weather Images -- "This site pulls together the best and most frequently accessed weather data on the Internet and puts it all into one easy to use site with weathercams, radar and satellite images, forecasts, and a message board."

    National Geographic Map Machine -- Printable maps from the National Geographic.

    Atlas of Cyberspace -- "An Atlas of Cyberspace is the name of a Web Page and a very unusual one at that. If you can imagine the internet in maps then you are visualizing this website and if you cannot you need to take a look at this. There are sections of various kinds of map images related to Cyberspace and these include these sections of map types: Conceptual, Artistic, Geographic, Cables and Satelites, Traceroutes, Topology, Census, Information Maps, Information Landscapes, Information Spaces, Information Spaces,Information Spaces, Web Site Maps, Surf Maps, Historical".

    Online Map Creation - "Create maps online interactively at this site. Fill out the form with map boundaries expressed in latitudes and longitudes and a page with the desired map will be returned to your browser. You can also start with the default map values and pan and zoom in after the first map has been created." [Curt Davis, Curt's Corner in Cyberspace]

    MapQuest - Create online maps and find driving directions and travel guides.

    MapBlast - Find and create maps.

    Atlapedia Online - "Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world. The **Countries A to Z** section, provides facts, figures and statistical data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history, economy & more..for each individual country. The **World Maps** section, provides full color physical and political maps for regions of the world."

    Topographic Map Digital shaded relief (topographic) map of North Dakota. Also links to a Virtual Tourist and City Net for the state.

    Infomine: Maps and GIS - From the Libraries of the University of California, the site contains numerous mapping (and statistical) resources.

    Other Websites for Maps (scroll down to Social Studies-Outline Maps ) Rand McNally's free site. You will need to register (for free) to get into the "Teacher's corner", but then you have access to all kinds of outline maps and some sample activities from their publishing line. (I have not been "spammed" yet since registering). 

    Most publishers have lots of 'extras' to help their books on their sites. Check RandMcNally, etc for blackline masters. I think Facts on File has some available also. (Select the printable version when you get to the map). This site also has wonderful lesson plans. (Go to Geography) Links to lots of Map sites at our Geography Surf Report