Center for Geospatial Studies Steering Committee

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    Jeffrey Bodwin
    Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
    PhD, Chemistry (University of Michigan)
    Send Email | 218.477.2277218.477.2277
    Office: HA 407E
    Randy Cagle
    Philosophy Department
    Professor; Areas of interest: Kant, continental philosophy,...
    Andrew Chen
    PhD, MS, BS
    Computer Science & Information Systems Department
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2380218.477.2380
    Office: BR 160E
    Rinita Dalan
    PhD, MS, BA
    Anthropology & Earth Science Department
    Professor of Anthropology; Ph.D., Ancient Studies, Universit...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.5900218.477.5900
    Office: KH 234
    Travis Dolence
    MFA, MLS, MS, BA
    Distance Learning/Web Librarian, Professor
    Liaison to: Nursing, Anthropology & Earth Science, Publishin...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2358218.477.2358
    Office: LI 117
    Alexandria Fogarty
    MA, BA
    Associate Professor
    School of Media Arts & Design
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2402218.477.2402
    Office: CA 116E
    Geraldine Hendrix-Sloan
    PhD, MA, BA
    Sociology & Criminal Justice Department
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2037218.477.2037
    Office: LO 212L
    David Kramar
    PhD, MS, BS
    Assistant Professor
    Anthropology & Earth Science Department
    Research Interests: My research interests are pretty varied....
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2832218.477.2832
    Office: KH 202
    Christopher Merkord
    PhD, BS
    Assistant Professor
    Biosciences Department
    Research interests: Ecological modeling; avian ecology, cons...
    Send Email | Office: 218-477-5008218-477-5008
    Office: HA 407L
    Paul Sando
    PhD, MA, BSEd, BS
    Associate Professor
    Anthropology & Earth Science Department
    Associate Professor of Geography; Ph.D., Economic Geography,...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2241218.477.2241
    Office: KH 210