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  • Scholarship Recipients

  • Amy Bellefeuille Amy Bellefeuille, Criminal Justice, Junior
    Twin Lakes, Minn.
    After 10 years in the workforce, Amy decided to return to college and pursue her dream of working in social services. She commutes 80 miles to campus each day for class, but says the commute is well worth the quality education she is receiving from MSUM.
    “I graduated with my associate’s degree 10 years ago, but I wanted to come back to school so that I could go on further in my education and pursue a degree that would let me help people. The financial assistance from the Founder’s Scholarship helped make that possible.”

    Halle Christianson Halle Christianson, Elementary Inclusive Education, Junior
    Glenwood, Minn.
    Halle is very passionate about children and volunteer work and donates much of her time to various charitable organizations, including Charism, America Reads, and FM Churches United for the Homeless. She has always wanted to be a teacher because she wants to have a lasting impact on students’ lives.
    “The Founders Scholarship has helped me continue my education journey at MSUM. I have been able to continue taking the classes that I need to graduate, and it has allowed me time to do well in them while gaining job and volunteer experience”

    Drew Davis-Johnson  Drew Davis- Johnson, Music Industry, Freshman
    St. Paul, Minn.
    Drew is an enthusiastic musician with his sights set on a bright future in audio production. Family is very important to him, and he is especially grateful to his mother for being so supportive throughout his education.
    “Besides easing the financial burden on me and my mom, it is cool to say I received this honorable scholarship along with other amazing students.”

    Rebecca Garvey Rebecca Garvey, Music Industry, Freshman
    Balsam Lake, Wis
    Rebecca has been an active member of 4-H for many years. Through her involvement, she has gained experience in everything from cake decorating and horseback riding to photography. Her true passion is music, which is why she is involved in three ensembles on campus.
    “I applied for the Founders Scholarship knowing that I would need help paying for my education. I have done a lot of service projects and I want to be successful, which is the background for this scholarship and is something I want to continue. This scholarship has allowed me to really immerse myself in the college experience. It has allowed me to pursue my dream without having to worry so much about money.”

    Katherine Granstra Katherine Granstra, Health Services Administration, Senior
    Harron Lake, Minn.
    Katherine has always been active in her community and is excited to be a part of a career field dedicated to helping those in need of assistance. She is currently working at the Touchmark retirement community in Fargo.
    “I applied for the Founders Scholarship because I felt really connected to the description of being a hard worker coming from modest means. This scholarship has allowed me to seek out opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have, like my unpaid internship with Touchmark.”

    Naomi Jones Naomi Jones, English Education, Senior
    Rochester, Minn.
    Naomi is a teacher by nature and spends much of her time reading, writing, and finding creative classroom ideas. She is currently completing her practicum at Horizon Middle School and is very active in the English education department. She would like to teach 7th or 8th grade English classes in the future, and eventually begin an afterschool program for young children.
    “I applied for the Founders Scholarship because when I read the description of it, I found out that it was brought about by the founders who tried to make ends meet for the university, which is exactly what I do with college. I could definitely relate.”

    Andrew Larson Andrew Larson, Physics, Senior
    Thief River Falls, Minn.
    Andrew spends most of his time in the science building on campus. He works in the Physics Department in both the main office and as a teaching assistant, and is also active in his department’s student organization. He plans to pursue a master’s degree in biomedical engineering to prepare for a position in a medical devices company.
    “I applied to the Founders Scholarship so I would be able to focus on my studies. This scholarship has allowed me to be less stressed and more focused on my studies.”

    Luke Marchand Luke Marchand, Music Industry, Freshman
    Moorhead, Minn.
    Luke is an incoming freshman with junior status. Luke has traveled as a missionary with his parents all across the country but now proudly calls MSUM home. His faith is the foundation of his life, which is why he is an active member of Chi Alpha. Luke would like to work on a studio production team or travel as a musician or inspirational speaker in the future.
    “This scholarship has allowed me to pursue excellence. It gives students the opportunity to do something bigger than our circumstances.”

    Elizabeth Nelson Elizabeth Nelson, Graphic Communications, Sophomore
    Portland, N.D.
    Elizabeth is a graphic artist with a talent for photography. She currently works as a photographer for the MSUM Athletics Department, as well as an assistant for the MSUM Box Office. Her dream is to work as a photographer for the Minnesota Wild hockey team.
    “I applied for the Founders Scholarship because as college students, we need as much financial support as we can get. This scholarship has allowed me to focus more on what’s most important, like my academics, rather than worrying as much about my finances.”

    Courtney Newland Courtney Newland, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Senior
    Breezy Point, Minn.
    Courtney is a strong campus leader, serving as president of NRHH, National Residence Hall Honorary,a student orientation counselor, and leader of a first-year experience class. She also shows her Dragon Pride as an enthusiastic member of Nemzek Noise in support of Dragon Athletics. Courtney plans to attend graduate school in the Midwest after graduation.
    “Academics are very important to me. They come first, and I really want to use my education to further my life and my career options. I feel like the Founders Scholarship definitely allows me to do that.”

    Caleb Stumpfl  Caleb Stumpfl, Film Production, Senior
    Hanover, Minn.
    Caleb has his sights set on a bright future in the film industry. He is currently working as a video intern on the GO team for Dragon Athletics. He also won the MSUM 125th Anniversary contest with his film “Life of a Dragon.” His dream is to travel and spend his life making films.
    “The Founders Scholarship has taken off the financial stress, so it has allowed me to focus on school and my classes. It has helped me advance my education and get the classes I need to excel after college.”

    Michaela Worms Michaela Worms, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Junior
    Melrose, Minn.
    Michaela transferred to MSUM to become a part of the close-knit campus family and be a part of a program dedicated to helping people. She is excited to attend graduate school before beginning a career helping young children in a school or clinic. Michaela is a member of NSSLHA, National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, and works in the Disability Resource Center.
    “I applied for this scholarship because I believe in continuing my education - and because I am paying for college on my own, I wanted to be able to do that without a ton of student loans. The Founders Scholarship allows me to do that.”


    Julie Eisenlohr Julie Eisenlohr, Mass Communications Emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations, Senior
    New York Mills, Minn.
    “Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the scholarship, because it has removed the burden of applying for more student loans.”

    Eileen Huggins Eileen Huggins, Social Work and Criminal Justice, Senior
    Los Angeles, California
    “The Founders Scholarship is for those of us who aren’t from the wealthiest backgrounds and that have good academic achievements. The scholarship has allowed me to continue attending school full-time. The contributions really help those who want to make college possible.”

    Martin Lindstrom Martin Lindstrom, Teaching English as a Second Language, Senior
    Cedar, Minn.
    “This summer I had car trouble and I had a huge car bill, then my summer tuition bills came in, on top of rent and groceries and insurance. In one month all my savings disappeared. It was nice to have the Founders Scholarship come in and take some of the burden off.”

    Julie Maahs Julie Maahs, Social Studies Education, Senior
    Birch Hills, Saskatchewan, Canada
    “The Founders Scholarship has given me more opportunities. If I didn’t have the scholarship, I’d have to spend more time working. Since I do have it, it means I can pursue an internship that’s unpaid. I have an internship with Habitat for Humanity next semester. I will be their family education intern."

    Jessica McCarlson Jessica McCarlson, English, Emphasis in Writing, Junior
    Webster, S.D.
    “Every penny I can save counts and every scholarship I can get counts. Putting the effort into applying is worth it. The Founders Scholarship is definitely a worthy cause, because students are the future. I’m grateful because it’s the difference between being able to go to college and not.”

    Jonathan Reich Jonathan Reich, BFA in Art, Emphasis in Illustration, Minor in Music, Senior
    Medina, N.D.
    “This scholarship combined with my excellence scholarship and the grants that I got is allowing me not to pay for this year of school. That’s a fourth of my college tuition that I won’t have to pay for, so I’ll get out of debt a quarter of the time faster.”

    Makayla Rinkenberger Makayla Rinkenberger, Studio Art Emphasis in Photography, Freshman
    Clearwater, Minn.
    “Having the Founders Scholarship has helped remove the financial distraction from my education. It helped ease the transition into my first semester of college. I was so happy and honored to receive this scholarship. It’s just so encouraging that people really believe in my education and are investing in it. It inspires me to study harder, pursue a good GPA and continue the work I’ve done throughout high school.” 

    Joseph Rowan Joseph Rowan, Film Production, Freshman
    South St. Paul, Minn.
    “It gave me a lot of confidence going into college when I received the Founders Scholarship, because it’s such a prestigious scholarship. It really inspired me to do my best.”

    Alison Smith Alison Smith, Photo Journalism and Documentary Journalism, Senior
    Edgeley, N.D.
    “Because of my situation being a single mother, I decided when I came back to school I need to put all my time and energy into it to be successful. I decided to look at all the scholarships available. Reading about the Founders Scholarship really hit home. It sounded exactly like what I was doing here and what I was looking for. This scholarship is great because it helps people who want to use their education to its greatest potential.”

    Courtney Ulferts Courtney Ulferts, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Sophomore
    Prinsburg, Minn.
    “I transferred to MSUM last fall semester from a previous college, and having to worry about how to afford college on top of adjusting to a new environment and classes was very stressful. The Founders Scholarship has allowed me to completely focus on my courses, my future career, and making lasting memories at MSUM without the stress of having to find additional work to help pay for my schooling. For that I am very grateful and say ‘Thank you!’”

    Alyssa Visby Alyssa Visby, Elementary Inclusive Education, Minor in Special Education, Junior
    Devils Lake, N.D>
    “With both of my parents being self-employed at the time of applying for school, we didn’t have the steady income like a lot of people do. I was on the MSUM website, and I needed to find a scholarship. I saw the Founders, read through it, and applied for it. I still remember when I got the letter telling me I received the scholarship. I was so excited.”


    Kelsey-Amundson Kelsey Amundson, Elementary Inclusive Education, Senior
    Morris, Minn.
    “I’m really appreciative and grateful to have received this scholarship. The money goes towards allowing students to pursue their passion and do what they want to do for the rest of their life. It takes some of the added stress off, so we’re able to focus more on what we want to do.”

    Tyler Anderson, Political Science, Sociology, Senior
    Fargo, N.D.
    “Scholarships mean I can commit a lot more time to academics and serving the campus. For me, knowing somebody is donating to help fund my education so I can do those things instills a deep sense of wanting to give back. I want to pay it forward, so I work really hard to serve the community that helped my education.”

    Taylor Esler, Art Education, Freshman
    Staples, Minn.
    “I remember when I found out I got the scholarship, I was the happiest person in the world that day. Before I came here I was really stressed about money and if I could go to school. That money helped so much. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their help.”

    Jordan-maahs Jordan Maahs, Communication Studies, Sophomore
    Moorhead, Minn.
    “The Founders Scholarship was more than just money to me. It helped me realize there are people in this community who care about my education, and that’s what makes Fargo-Moorhead so great.”

    Kate-McMahan Kate McMahan, Biology, Junior
    Belpre, Ohio
    “This scholarship has given me more time to focus on what’s important to me, which is academics. It made me really happy and proud to know people were willing to invest in me and my future, and that they believe in me.”

    Amie-Nowacki Amie Nowacki, Biology, Senior
    Alexandria, Minn.
    “Without the scholarship I couldn’t have gone as far. Having reached a senior point in my credits this year, there wasn’t Minnesota financial aid available for me. The Founders Scholarship allowed me to finish my senior year, be able to afford it, and hopefully, move on to become a doctor of veterinary medicine or attend graduate school.”

    Andrew Pederson, Criminal Justice, Senior
    Starbuck, Minn.
    “Thank you for choosing me to be the recipient of the Founders Scholarship. It’s taken the burden of money off my mind so I can focus more on schoolwork. It’s allowed me to be on campus more and interact with my residents more too.”

    aaron-rush Aaron Rush, Film Studies, Freshman
    Milwaukee, Wis.
    “The scholarship allowed me to take more classes. It helped move me forward academically and keep advancing.”

    • Robert Trefethren, Political Science, Senior
    • Morgan Holmgren, Elementary Inclusive, Senior