MSUM Foundation Message Your Alumni

Would you like to message your MSUM alumni? We’re here to help! At the MSUM Foundation, we love keeping alumni connected to the campus they know and love and the people who made their journey so meaningful. If you’re hosting a large event or reunion, here’s how the MSUM Foundation can help you.

  • Email invitation: You give us the content and we’ll edit, construct, and send out the email through Spark (all requirements below must be met).
  • We offer an event-planning checklist to ensure you’re on track. The list includes the contact information of various departments on campus where you will need to submit requests.
  • Dragon décor bag: Deck out your event area with Dragon Pride.
  • Giveaway bag: These items are for the alumni to take home with them, besides the update card. This bag includes an MSUM Foundation pen, a notepad, an alumni update card (collect at end of event), a luggage handle, and a window decal.

Emailing Alumni

Before you send us your request and get started, there are a few things you need to organize first. Keep reading to learn the requirements that must be included in your messaging packet before sending your request to the MSUM Foundation.

Required before an email is constructed:

  • Request a query, email list, or invite list 5-7 business days ahead of submitting your messaging packet request.
  • From name (e.g., John Daker or MSUM Foundation)
  • Headline
  • Final copy
  • Links (to your Facebook event, MSUM News post, webpage, or ticket-purchasing site)
  • Images (at least 550x320 pixels)
  • Email list or completed query
  • Email your complete messaging packet at least 3 weeks prior to your desired send date. If any parts of the required fields are missing, we will wait to construct the email until the complete messaging packet is sent to us. Include all portions before submitting to the MSUM Foundation office.

Things to remember:

  • Exact duplicate emails will not be sent out. More than one email for an event must differ in content, to a degree. Recipients do not appreciate getting duplicates of messages in their inboxes. This leads to unsubscribers.
  • All content is subject to change to align with university voice and messaging. Your desired send date may not occur because of previously scheduled emails, but we will try to schedule it as close to the desired send date as possible.
  • Only one proof will be sent out per email. All edits must be made after the first proof is received.
  • Until we have full confirmation in email form, we will not send it. We will no longer take verbal confirmation.
  • Email requests are required 3 weeks ahead of time for multiple reasons.
    • We have multiple messages going out, and we have to make sure they aren’t sent out on the same day.
    • Our research shows that mixed messaging makes each message more ineffective and will only make people grow tired of receiving emails from the university. This results in unsubscribers.
    • Messages will get convoluted.
    • No jobs, fundraising requests, or appeals will be sent out.
    • With the exception of a save-the-date email, only two emails will be sent out for each event.

Thanks for keeping MSUM alumni engaged and connected with your department and the university!