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  • International Student Scholarships

Office of Scholarship & Financial Aid

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  • International Student Scholarships


  • Available to students pursuing their first MSUM undergraduate degree who have completed at least 12 MSUM credits by the end of the current fall semester.  Applicants must be full time students (12 or more credits) each semester at MSUM. No GPA requirement - only that the student is in good standing according to University policies.  Students receiving renewal scholarships (i.e. freshman automatics) are eligible to receive one of the following scholarships in addition to their renewal scholarship (if awarded).

    Upper Class Scholarship application for 2017-2018

    Upper Class Recommendation form for 2017-2018

    Scholarships are awarded in the spring for the following academic year.

    Scholarships Offered

    Current MSUM students (must meet criteria listed):

    • Corner Family - Female, Non-Traditional, Sophmore or above, 3.0 GPA
    • Paul Horn - Permanent address is in Moorhead or surrounding area
    • Byron and Nona Murray - Female, Financial Need
    • Esther and Roy Froemming Memorial - Female, Older-than-Average (24 or above)
    • Sara Nelson Memorial - Female, Older-than-Average (24 or above)
    • Michael Hansen Memorial - Male, Older-than-Average (24 or above)
    • DiAnn Kuntz Memorial - Permanent address is in Napolean School District; Logan County; or North Dakota and Financial Need
    • Delsie Holmquist Memorial - Current residents of Holmquist Hall
    • Leslie and Clara Raff - Permanent address is in Fertile, MN
    • Anonymous Academic & Need Based - Financial Need
    • Virginia Murray Family - Junior or above
    • Lester Wyland - Permanent address is in Glyndon, MN or vicinity
    • Harriet Geib Memorial - Financial Need
    • Leona Lewis Anderson - Permanent address is in Hawley, MN
    • Michael & Sheryl Deconcini - Financial Need
    • Webb & Peggy White - Financial Need
    • Tom and Jackie Edwards - Financial Need, 3.0 GPA
    • Charles Magel - U.S. Citizen
    • Robert and Sandra Roel - Part time student (history of part time attendance), Financial Need
    • Offutt Family Foundation - 3.0 GPA
    • Tau Kappa Epsilon-Kapp Nu Alpha - Junior or Senior, member or Fraternity or Sorority, Financial Need
    • Alex Stern Family Foundation - Permanent address is in Cass or Clay County


     Current MSUM students (no criteria):

    • Doris and Francis Butler
    • Helen Welter Wallwork Memorial
    • Fargo American Legion
    • Nina Stevenson
    • Helen Arbes
    • Basil and Hilda Townsend
    • Bea Lewis
    • Janet Cupler
    • Scholarship Endowment
    • Russell and Nina Monson
    • Floyd Hans
    • 50th Class
    • Jennie Johnson
    • US Bank

    Note:  The criteria for some scholarships may include financial need.  An evaluation of financial need is done through a review of FAFSA information (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) that has been provided to the MSUM Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.  If you have not completed a FAFSA form already, you can do so at


    Students in the second semester of the sophomore year or later, maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater at the end of each fall semester are eligible to apply. Current MSUM and incoming transfer students are eligible to apply. A letter of endorsement from an MSUM faculty member, proposing how the applicant will be engaged in an apprentice relationship under the faculty member's supervision, must be submitted along with the application. The scholarship is $5,000 per year for tuition for the final two years of a student's attendance.


    2016-2017 deadline has passed.



    Available to upper class students through some academic departments on campus. Check with the department of your major. The departments have their own application and awarding process.


    The Marjorie Sanders Scholarship is available to undergraduate students seeking their first undergraduate degree, who are from Africa and will be returning to Africa after they complete their degree. Available to students who are either entering freshman or transfer students. Eligibility is determined by grades and information received from the required documents. Scholarship is for $2,000 per year, renewable for four years based on GPA at the end of each spring semester. This replaces any academic scholarship previously awarded.


     This scholarship is awarded as funds become available.