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  • Financial Aid Awards

Office of Scholarship & Financial Aid

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  • Financial Aid Awards

  • Financial aid is offered to help pay educational expenses.  Once financial need is calculated, the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid attempts to meet that need with funds from available financial aid programs.  MSUM reviews grant eligibility first, Federal or state Work Study eligibility second and then loan eligibility.  The goal of the MSUM Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid is for a student to receive all “gift” money first and to have minimum burdens of loan and work.  Therefore, an award package may require adjustment when additional resources or scholarship dollars are received.

    The Financial Aid Award Letter is posted to the secure MSUM eServices website and accessed with the student’s STAR ID and password.  An e-mail is sent to the student’s “” e-mail address when the award letter is ready.

    The Financial Aid Award Letter lists expected types of aid.  Any adjustments or inaccuracies in this information should be reported to the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.  If awarded, accept Perkins Loans and Work Study through eServices.  To borrow through the Federal Direct Loan, accept the loan(s) online at eServices.  No Federal Direct Loan will be processed without acceptance.  Loans not accepted by the student and certified by MSUM prior to the student’s last day of enrollment (6 credit minimum) are forfeited.

    Once a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note is completed it is valid for up to 10 years.  The electronic version (eMPN) is completed online at using the FSA ID.  A paper MPN will be provided to those unable to use the electronic process.

    An initially declined Federal Direct Loan may be reinstated by contacting the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.  Loans cannot be processed after the end of an academic year (semester or summer) for prior attendance.

    Private Educational Loans are NOT processed by MSUM from the Financial Aid Award Letter.  Students must complete the Lender’s application or do the application on-line from the Lender’s website.


    Federal and state regulations prohibit receiving financial assistance that exceeds the cost of attending MSUM.  If you receive additional assistance after your award is processed, a portion of your award may be reduced or cancelled.  Examples of additional assistance that can affect your aid package are:  tuition/housing waivers, some military benefits, Resident Assistant benefits, National Guard benefits, scholarships, DVR, and JTPA.  If an overaward occurs, your award will be revised and you will be notified of any changes.  In some overaward cases, you may need to repay the money you received.  For this reason, it is important that you keep a copy of the original award notice and notify MSUM immediately if other funding is made available.

    Books and required supplies may be charged to your financial aid. To be eligible to charge:

    1) you must have sufficient financial aid awarded to cover your bill AND to cover the amount you will be charging. If your financial aid accepted is not enough to cover your bill, then you are not eligible to charge your books;

    2) you must have the Authorization to Charge form on file in the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.

    To charge, a student needs a current Dragon/STAR ID card. Your current class schedule should have your Dragon/STAR ID number listed. The charges are billed to the account and appear on your MSUM statement during payment. Failure to pay Bookstore charges in full from a previous term affects your ability to charge in a subsequent semester.



    Refund of Tuition/Fees Dues to Withdrawal

    MSUM will refund tuition and fees for individually dropped courses only if the drop occurs within the free drop/add period (the first five (5) business days of the semester).

    If a student totally withdraws from the University, MSUM will refund a percentage of tuition and fees to the student and/or the student's financial aid funding sources according to the following schedule as established by the MnSCU Board of Trustees and the University:

      • Fall and Spring Semesters
        • 1st through 5th business day of term 100%
        • 6th through 10th business day of term 75%
        • 11th through 15th business day of term 50%
        • 16th through 20th business day of term 25%
        • After the 20th business day of term 0%
      • Summer Sessions and other terms at least three weeks but less than ten weeks in length
        • 1st through 5th business day of term 100%
        • 6th through 10th business day of term 50%
        • After the 10th business day of term 0%
      • Summer Sessions and other terms less than three weeks in length
        • 1st business day of term 100%
        • 2nd and 3rd business day of term 50%
        • After 3rd business day of term 0%

    Students who withdraw from all courses or discontinue enrollment during the Fall or Spring semesters should review information available at the Academic Support Center. Those students who wish to withdraw during the Summer Sessions should report to the Registrar's Office, Owens Hall 104.


    Return to Title IV (R2T4) and Minnesota State Financial Aid
    Procedures for refunding institutional charges for students receiving Title IV and Minnesota State financial are established by the MnSCU Board, MN Office of Higher Education, Federal statutory refund policy and the University.

    Institutional charge refunds for students who received Federal or State aid are determined under Federal and Minnesota financial aid refund calculations and will first be repaid, up to the initial award amount received, to those aid funding sources in the order directed by the Department of Education and Office of Higher Education.  Any eligible refund dollars will be disbursed to the student (except refunds less than $1).

    Students who have received ‘unearned’ Federal Title IV aid funding for the term will repay Title IV funds in this order:  Unsubsidized  Direct Loan, Subsidized Direct Loan, Perkins Loan, Direct Graduate PLUS, Direct Parent PLUS, Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, TEACH Grant, and Iraq/Afghanistan Service Grant.


     Federal regulations require repayment of 'unearned' aid for students withdrawing or who discontinue attending class any time prior to the 60th percentile of the term.

      • The calculation used to determine how much aid a student has 'earned' and need not repay is: calendar days attended divided by total calendar days in the term equals percentage earned. The amount to be repaid is the remaining percentage or 'unearned' percentage.  Example:  If the student withdraws after attending 28 calendar days out of 112 days (25%), 75% of the Federal aid received must be repaid.  The 75% is considered unused or “unearned.”
      • No funds are disbursed after a total withdrawal except:  Grant funds that were awarded prior to withdrawal; Federal loans that were originated prior to withdrawal and for which promissory notes have been signed prior to completion of the R2T4 calculation.
      • The withdrawal date will be the date the University is notified of withdrawal (official) or either the last reported date of academic activity or the midpoint of the enrollment period (unofficial).
      • Return of federal funds will be completed no more than 45 days after determination of withdrawal.
      • Federal aid is first used to pay University charges.
      • The student will be required to pay the 'unearned' aid funding not repaid by the University.
      • Failure to repay will place a hold on official transcripts, diplomas, and future registration.

    Exceptions:  Private loan dollars are excluded from immediate student repayment on the assumption the student will follow loan repayment according to the terms of the promissory note(s).  Further, student repayment of grant funds will be reduced by 50%, after the ‘unearned’ calculation is determined and after the University’s repayment amount is subtracted.

    Students who received Minnesota State aid funding for the term (Minnesota State Grant, Postsecondary Child Care Grant, GI Bill Program, and Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program):

    If the calculation made per the Office of Higher Education Refund Calculation Worksheet results in a refund of institutional charges and, after the institution’s share of any required refund to Title IV programs has been made, a proportional share of any remaining refund must be returned to state financial aid programs (not to exceed the amount of the payment the student initially received from a Minnesota State aid program).

    Regulations stipulate the student’s repayment choices:


    o    Repay to the University the ‘unearned’ aid amount in full within 45 days of the school’s notification of a repayment requirement.

    o    Make Title IV financial aid program repayment arrangements with the Department of Education via the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS, 800-621-3115).

    Students who wish to appeal refund policies and/or percentages used for determining the refund amounts may file a "Tuition Refund Appeal." No refunds will be granted for less than $1.00.
    Resident Hall Refunds are based on the number of days remaining in the term. A $50.00 administrative charge will be deducted from the Housing refund. Contact the Housing and Residential Life office at 218-477-2118 or
    If you are withdrawing for military reasons, please see the University Military Withdrawal Policy. Contact the Registrar's Office at 218-477-2565 or