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  • Fall 2015 ROLE Groups 

    Sign-up to join a group during the Syllabi Drop-in Day, Thursday August 20th from 9 am - 4 pm, at the FDC

    Group Facilitators: TBA

    Spring 2015 ROLE Groups

    Information Literacy
    Group Facilitators: Molly Flaspohler and Damiano Fulghesu.
    Student Centered Learning Environments
    Group Facilitator: Alison Wallace.
    Online Course Design & Facilitation

    Group Facilitator: Catherine Artac.
    Teaching Quantitative Content Effectively
    Group Facilitator: Justin James

    Performance Based Assessment and the Interactive Classroom; Rethinking the Traditional Lecture Format
    Group Facilitator: Meghan Duda.

    One New Thing: Encouraging Each Other to Implement New Ideas and Strategies in Our Teaching
    Group Facilitator: Justin James.



    2014 ROLE Groups - Rethinking Our Learning Environments


     ROLE Academy Topic

    (repeat sessions)

     IT Supporting Session

     (repeat sessions)

    Wed Sept 17

    8:15 & noon

    Learner-Centered Teaching: The function of content


    Thurs Sept 18

    8:15 & 3:00

    Using the D2L Content tool for learner-centered design & delivery

    Wed Sept 24

    8:15 & noon

    Learner-Centered Teaching: The role of the instructor


    Thurs Sept 25

    8:15 & 3:00

    Turning the Lights ON in your Course: intentional design to engage and motivate students

    Wed Oct 1

    8:15 & noon

    Learner-Centered Teaching: Responsibility for learning


    Thurs Oct 2

    8:15 & 3:00

    Technologies that support the “flipped classroom”

    Wed Oct 8

    8:15 & noon

    Learner-Centered Teaching: Purpose and process of assessment


    Thurs Oct 9

    8:15 & 3:00

    Timely feedback to address multiple learning styles

    Wed Oct 22

    8:15 & noon

    Learner-Centered Teaching: Balance of power


    Thurs Oct 23

    8:15 & 3:00

    Monitoring & communicating student progress