Exercise Science Learning Opportunities

  • As an Exercise Science major at MSUM, you’ll gain valuable real-world experience outside of the classroom when you join organizations, land meaningful internships, and get practical experience right on campus.

  • A required internship gives you experience as a fitness professional working under the supervision of an exercise physiologist, personal trainer or allied health professional. Based on your interests and career goals, you can intern at a variety of sites, including fitness centers, sport training facilities, sports medicine and cardiac rehabilitation departments in the Fargo-Moorhead area or outside the region. MSUM students have recently interned and/or observed at the following organizations.

    MSUM’s human performance lab provides practical, hands-on experience utilizing state-of-the-art exercise testing equipment. The laboratory includes a hydrostatic weighing tank, treadmill, cycle ergometer, clinical spirometer, heart rate monitor equipment and TriFit. You’ll acquire the knowledge and skills to perform advanced fitness assessments, including how to conduct body composition, cardiorespiratory, electrocardiogram, anaerobic capacity, anaerobic threshold, lactate threshold and pulmonary function tests.

    The Strength and Conditioning practicum is part of the Strength and Conditioning minor and gives you the opportunity to learn from a strength and conditioning coach.

    As an Exercise Science major you’ll gain practical experience performing fitness testing on students in the Personal Health and Wellness course.

    Our beautiful campus Wellness Center provides excellent opportunities for you to gain internship experience or work a part-time job in your area of interest.

    Dragons 4 Wellness (D4W) is a student-led organization that helps promote all majors in the Health and Physical Education Department. This group provides many opportunities to connect with professionals, attend conferences and events and sharpen your leadership skills, along with the chance to give back to our community.

    As a Wellness Educator you may gain organizational management and leadership experience by developing and implementing campus-wide health promotion campaigns designed to promote healthy choices and lifestyles among college students.