Proof of Vaccination or Testing Procedures

Student COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Attestation

Student Proof of Vaccination & Testing Discontinues Monday, March 14

Student proof of vaccination or testing for students in residence halls or other student groups will discontinue effective Monday, March 14. Some students who may remain subject to the attestation & testing procedure:

  • Student employees under the MMB employee policy #1446
  • Student athletes subject to NCAA or other testing related to athletic programs,
  • Students required to be vaccinated/tested by external organizations that serve as a clinical or internship site.

*See Vaccination & Testing procedures for student employees below.  

Students living on campus and student-athletes must complete the COVID-19 attestation available on eServices. Students who decline to certify they have been vaccinated must begin weekly testing by October 27.

The following resources provide detailed instructions for providing proof of vaccination or the procedures for the weekly testing process.

Employee & Student Worker COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Policy has Been Rescinded Effective May 24, 2022

Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) has rescinded its HR/LR Policy #1446 effective May 24, 2022, which required employees who were assigned to work at the workplace to show COVID-19 vaccination proof or submit to testing, as well as other measures.

This rescission means:

  • Employees, contractors, vendors, volunteers and interns are no longer required to show proof of vaccination or submit to weekly testing.