Stay a Tail Apart, Dragons

Physical distancing while on campus will help keep all Dragons and visitors safe. We want you to stay a Dragon’s tail apart—that’s 6 feet—when you interact with faculty, staff, students and campus visitors. Try your best to avoid gathering in large groups, crowded spaces or confined areas, including breakrooms, elevators and restrooms. When in these areas, wearing a mask is required.

General guidelines

  • Avoid using other people’s protective equipment, phones, computers, desks, workstations, offices or other personal tools, supplies and equipment.
  • Common spaces such as study rooms, lounges and conference rooms will have furniture rearranged or removed to promote physical distancing. Please keep these furnishings in place.
  • Maintain traffic flow in building corridors and stairwells. You’ll see signage to help direct you.


  • Classroom and lab furniture layouts are being reviewed and will be modified to increase physical distance where possible. Additional barriers may be employed.
  • Notices will be posted outside classroom doors, indicating how many people can be in that room.


  • If you are working on campus among other students and employees and can’t stay a tail apart, wearing a mask is required. Additional barriers may be installed.

We have faith that our Dragon family will do what’s needed to keep one another safe. We are relying on you to abide by physical distancing guidelines.