Mask Up, Dragons

We know asking you to wear a mask on campus is a big adjustment. However, MSUM is requiring all students, faculty, staff and visitors to wear masks while on campus. We believe it’s a small sacrifice we can all make to keep our Dragon family safe and help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. We are creating a culture of masking-wearing because Dragons Care about one another.

Masks are required when on campus or university-owned property.

Exceptions to this requirement:

  • You’re outdoors and appropriate physical distancing can be observed.
  • You’re eating or drinking, provided appropriate physical distancing can be observed.
  • You’re in your apartment or residence hall room.
  • You’re in an office, study area, or other private space where it’s unlikely you’ll encounter others.
  • You’re alone in a motor vehicle used for university business.
  • You require an accommodation as indicated by a medical or other health professional and granted by written permission of the University. Students please contact Accessibility Resources.
  • You’re in an internship, clinical or other experiential learning setting; you will then follow the host site guidelines.

Where to get your mask

Masks are becoming the norm in the Fargo-Moorhead community. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to bring your mask(s) from home.

  • Disposable masks will be available in classrooms for the first few weeks of the semester.
  • Disposable or branded cloth masks are available in the Dean of Students Office, Flora Frick 153.


  • Wash your cloth mask every few days.
  • Replace your disposable mask daily.
  • Bring your mask(s) from home. You can also buy them locally. We expect disposable masks to be available at various offices across campus.
  • We’re in this together! Wearing a mask protects others from being infected with COVID-19 if you have the virus, even if you don’t feel sick.
  • As always, stay home if you don’t feel well.
  • Complete the COVID-19 Reporting Form if you tested positive or been in contact with someone who has.

We have faith that our Dragon family will do what’s needed to keep one another safe. We are relying on you to abide by physical distancing guidelines.