Undergraduate Pass/Fail Grade Option for Spring Semester 2021

Information on Spring 2021 Pass/Fail Grading Option

MSUM has decided to offer the Pass/Fail (P/F) grading option for the current Spring 2021 term. Students should carefully consider whether to use the (P/F) option and be advised to connect with their academic advisor before making any final decisions.

Undergraduate students: If you plan to use the P/F option for one or more courses, the form to request the change will be available beginning May 5 through May 17 until 4:30 pm. After May 17, you can no longer change to the P/F option.

Graduate students are not eligible to change their letter grades to P/F due to program accreditation and/or licensing requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to do to change my letter grade to a Pass/Fail?
    1. Before you begin to fill out the Pass/Fail online form, you will need to have your spring 2021 course schedule available. Please be sure you’ve read through all the information concerning choosing the P/F option. You should also consult with your advisor before making this decision.
      • Login to the form with your StarID and password.
      • Under “Course Information”, you will list the course(s) you wish to change to the Pass/Fail grading method.
        Complete the following areas: Subject, Course #, Section #, Course ID, and Course Title
        *You will need to have your spring 2021 course schedule available to get this information (see example below)
      • New Grading Method: Choose “Alternative Grade” – this changes the course to the Pass/Fail grading method.
      • After you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation at your mnstate.edu email. The form will be evaluated and processed in the Registrar’s Office. Please check your academic record in the following days to ensure your request was processed.
  2. What letter grades count as Pass and Fail grades?
    1. Grades of A+ through D- count as a Pass grade. F grades will stand.
  3. Can I choose to get some letter grades and some Pass/Fail grades?
    1. Yes. Students may designate all, some, or none of their spring 2021 courses to P/F.
  4. Can Pass/Fail grades be used in my degree?
    1. Courses taken as P/F can be used towards LASC, Writing Intensive, Major, Minor and Certificate requirements. It is always a good idea to discuss your options with your academic advisor.
  5. Can Pass/Fail grades be used to satisfy a prerequisite?
    1. Yes. Pass grades will satisfy prerequisites.
  6. If I take a Pass/Fail in a course, can I retake that course later and earn a letter grade?
    1. Yes. Students who receive a P/F grade in a course may retake that course at a later date for a letter grade.
  7. I am retaking a course this semester. If I choose Pass/Fail, will it replace my previous grade?
    1. No. The P/F option may NOT be used for courses to count as a repeat. If you are taking a course for a second plus time in order to earn a better grade and increase your GPA, you must earn a letter grade to complete the repeat.
  8. Will courses with Pass/Fail grades transfer to another school?
    1. Colleges and Universities set their own rules when it comes to accepting transfer credit. If you know you are going to transfer, it is best to contact that school and ask what the policy is. If you plan to transfer to a college or university within the Minnesota State System, P/F grades will transfer.
  9. What happens if I take a Pass/Fail, but then change my mind? Can I change back to a letter grade?
    1. The last day to change a letter grade to a P/F grade is Monday, May 17, 2021 at 4:30 pm. The P/F grade option is permanent and may not be reversed after this date.
  10. Will a Pass/Fail grade affect my ability to apply for accredited, professional programs such as Nursing, Law School or Medical School?
    1. Often professional programs require letter grades. You should work with your academic advisor if you are considering P/F grading for courses that may be pre-requisites for professional program admission.
  11. If I am a student pursuing education or secondary education, will P grades be accepted?
    1. Yes. P grades will be accepted for courses required in education and secondary education requirements.
  1. When is the last day to change to a Pass/Fail?
    1. The last day to change a letter grade to a P/F grade is Monday, May 17 at 4:30 pm. The P/F grade option is permanent and may not be reversed after this date.
  2. When is the last day to withdraw from a course for spring semester 2021?
    1. The last day to withdraw from a full-term course is Monday, April 19, 2021. Shorter session course withdrawal dates may have changed. Please check your schedule in eServices to verify those withdrawal dates.
  1. How will Pass/Fail grade affect my GPA?
    1. A Pass grade does NOT impact your GPA. A Fail grade DOES impact your GPA.
  2. Do Pass/Fail grades count toward the Dean’s List?
    1. Students must still have at least 12 credits of letter grades. Courses changed to P will not count in the 12 credit minimum.
  1. If I take a Pass/Fail grade, will my athletic eligibility be impacted?
    1. P/F grading, in most cases, will not impact a students’ eligibility. Contact Jason Sobolik, Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance and Student Success, with specific questions.
  2. Will taking a Pass/Fail grade affect my Veteran benefits?
    1. P/F grading will not impact veteran benefits. Contact Gail Schmidt, VA Certifying Official, with specific questions.
  3. How does taking a course P/F affect my Financial Aid?
    1. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) to remain eligible for spring financial aid. Students not maintaining satisfactory academic progress at the end of spring semester are subject to financial aid suspension for spring term. Students on financial aid warning or probation for this fall semester will have financial aid eligibility for spring determined after fall grades are posted. Due to the May 17, 2021, deadline for students to choose a P/F option, notification of financial aid suspension may occur after the start of the first spring classes. Students placed on financial aid suspension for spring will have the option to appeal their suspension, but if the suspension is not approved, students registered for spring courses that have passed the drop/add deadline will be responsible for those charges.