Dragons Care Plan for Activities

Please do your part to keep one another safe while attending events on campus. Refer to the Dragons Care Plan if you have questions about your activity.

  • Take your COVID-19 Daily Self-Assessment before coming to campus.
  • Any in-person events, gatherings and meetings will begin by asking participants to show their COVID-19 Daily Self-Assessment. Events will continue to follow these guidelines.
  • Face coverings are required while attending on-campus events.
  • Abide by all physical distancing requirements and room capacity limits.
  • No spectators, including family and friends of participants, are currently allowed at any events. This is continually evolving, so if you are in question, please email the Pandemic Response Team at covid19questions@mnstate.edu.
  • Submit your Event Request if you wish you hold an event.
  • The Gerdin Wellness Center is open. Visit their website for hours, capacity information, and virtual programming options and additional updates. Masks must be worn an all times.
  • Intramurals and club sport activities are being held both in person and virtually, following governor mandates.

Dragons Care Events, Gatherings and Meetings Protocols

Events & Meetings Guidance for Student Organizations during COVID-19

Table of Contents

The following guidelines should be followed by all members of your organization even outside of club functions:

  • Stay home if you are sick or have symptoms of COVID-19. Encourage your members to stay home if they are sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Complete the MSUM Daily COVID-19 Self-Assessment before coming to campus or participating in any organization activities.
  • A face covering is required to be properly worn on university property, including in all university buildings and all outdoor spaces. The updated policy can be found on the Dragons Care website.
  • Please also show care by wearing a face covering when you are out in the community. This includes shopping and riding MATBUS.
  • Practice physical distancing (maintaining at least 6ft or more of space from other people) Limiting close face-to-face contact with others is the best way to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is also effective.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

As a reminder, all recognized student organizations are required to comply and adhere to all university policies, procedures, and regulations, along with State of Minnesota and federal laws.

Failure to do so may result in the termination of the organization’s recognition, as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Questions regarding Student Organization Recognition can be directed to the Office of Student Activities osa@mnstate.edu and questions on the Student Handbook can be directed to the Office of Conduct and Resolution oscar@mnstate.edu

A student organization meeting and/or club function is defined as any activity for members of the organization/club and where other students may attend if they have an interest in becoming members.

Think critically about your organization’s meetings and only hold in-person meetings when absolutely necessary. With the adjustments in class schedules, space availability may be limited.

Virtual-only activities, events, and gatherings are the lowest risk and should be prioritized.

Think critically about whether or not an in-person event is really necessary to fulfill your organization’s goals. Make remote/virtual participation available when possible.

Communicate often with the campus scheduler or off-campus facility you are hosting your meeting / event in to ensure you have a safety plan in place that is understood by all parties and will be carried out.

Consider outdoor options when possible and weather permits. If the event is inside, the more open and well-ventilated the space, the better. Physical distancing (6 feet between individuals) is required at all student organization meetings and events.

Use signage regarding attendee direction, sanitizing surfaces, and health behaviors.

If your organization is overseen by a national organization or governing body outside of MSUM (e.g. fraternities and sororities), that has additional and/or more specific guidelines/rules, follow those guidelines as well.

If you are sponsored by, affiliated with, or supported by an MSUM campus department, communicate with them regularly and follow any additional guidelines they have in place.

A student organization event is defined as any activity in which members and non-members of the organization are invited to participate. All recognized student organizations hosting events on or off campus in must adhere to the following in addition to the requirements outlined above:

  • Submit your Event Request if you wish to hold an event.
  • Before planning an in-person event:
    • Discuss the potential event with your advisor or the Office of Student Activities and get approval to proceed
      • The discussion should include the purpose of the event, why you want to host it in-person, potential audience size, and logistics for the event (e.g. date/time, food, space, budget, etc.)
    • Identify spaces that would have the capacity to host the potential audience
    • Create a plan to adhere to COVID-19 Guidelines
  • Events with the potential to be more than 100 attendees must submit the COVID-19 event form AND receive Pandemic Response Team Approval before moving forward
  • Events must have approval and space reservations a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the event
  • Event organizers may be asked to create contingency plans should the event need to be modified, postponed, or canceled.
  • Having a confirmed reservation in EMS, even if your event is outside
    • If you are using an off-campus location, student organizations are expected to follow the same event guidelines put forth by the university and may be asked to provide proof that the location will adhere to the guidelines for capacity and physical distancing.
  • Publishing your event / meeting on DragonCentral
  • Taking attendance at your event / meeting and recording it in the DragonCentral Event (details on page
  • Following campus masking and physical distancing requirements

You need to reserve rooms that will allow for your meeting attendees to maintain physical distancing.

  • All MSUM spaces will be limited to no greater than 25% capacity of the space and will not exceed 250 patrons with required physical distancing, until further notice.
  • The online scheduling system will indicate Physical Distancing room capacities or you can work with an event scheduler (schedule@mnstate.edu) to find a space that will be the right size.

Request specific space through EMS WebApp Request non-specific space

Attendees must complete the MSUM Daily COVID-19 Self-Assessment before coming to campus or participating in any organization activities. They also must adhere to physical distancing (6 feet between individuals) and wear face coverings that cover the nose and mouth throughout the duration of the meeting.

If you are planning to have any off-campus guests, such as a speaker, at your meeting, we encourage you to consider inviting them to attend in a virtual format. If a non-MSUM community member is attending your meeting in person, they are required to complete the MSUM Daily COVID-19 Assessment.

Plan to limit contact points between members as much as possible, including (but not limited to) sign-in attendance sheets, food items, promotional material, ice breakers that involve close contact, shared supplies for activities/crafts, athletic competitions, etc.

  • If hosting an event with food, you need to follow the Campus Catering Guidelines.
  • No self-service meals or buffets are allowed.
  • Food items served should be prepackaged or preassembled; however non-packaged food can be provided at an event only if gloves and face coverings are worn by the designated person serving food.
  • All food items should be distributed by event staff and not directly accessible by attendees.
  • Gloves and face coverings must be worn at all times when serving food.

Best Practices for Serving Food: Food should only be consumed if six-foot physical distancing can be maintained. We strongly recommend that food only be made available at the end of the meeting or event so that attendees can take the food for consumption on their own time.

You must keep a record of attendance for anyone who attended in-person. We encourage you to also include virtual attendance as an option for fully participating in group meetings.  Instead of having your in-person attendees fill out a sign-in sheet, consider options that will allow them to indicate their attendance virtually via personal devices. The Office of Student Activities has ID card scanners that can be checked out for your meeting. The scanner is connected through USB which can be used with most computers.

If after a meeting or club function a student attendee informs your organization that they have tested positive for COVID-19, respect their privacy and do not share this information with others. Instead, encourage them to self-report to the Dean of Students Office by completing this form. Self-reporting is a safe and confidential process and will allow MSUM to provide support to those who test positive. It is required that all students, faculty and staff self-report and self-isolate once they receive a positive COVID-19 test result.

Virtualize your meetings and other functions when possible, or hold hybrid meetings, to be inclusive of students who may not feel comfortable attending in person.  The Student Union has two (2) rooms outfitted with built-in cameras/TVs and has web cameras, 360-degree view Owl web cameras and portable TV stands available for checkout and use within the Student Union.  These items can be used with following campus supported video conferencing platforms, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Student organizations that are planning to travel are required to submit to the Travel Authorization process. Note that this process can take several weeks.

If you must travel, the Office of Student Activities strongly recommends day trips only. Again, think critically about whether or not the trip is necessary to your student organization’s purpose and goals. As of September 1, 2020, University presidents are authorized to approve domestic travel outside of Minnesota to contiguous states (Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota) via ground transportation. Requests for University-related travel outside of Minnesota and contiguous states will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  These requests need to be submitted to your supervisor along with the rationale and the proposed travel details.  Division leaders must seek presidential endorsement before the waiver request is submitted to the system office for final review and approval.

Face coverings are required for anyone traveling in university vehicles or while in a vehicle on university business and the capacity of vehicles is limited. For example, in a sedan there can be one person in the driver’s seat and on person in the backseat. In a van, there can be one person per row. Contact schedule@mnstate.edu for more guidance or with questions on vehicle travel or capacity.

All attendees are required to complete the MSUM Daily COVID-19 Self-Assessment for the duration of travel.

Continue to build community with your organization members with a hybrid of in-person and online group activities.

Maintain an online social media presence as an organization.

Develop a schedule of virtual meetings/events and try to keep to that schedule so as to allow for maximum participation.

Recognize your members and their accomplishments virtually (spotlights, virtual awards, etc.).

*As far as the Office of Student Activities is aware, Zoom is the only online platform that allows users to show their preferred names and/or pronouns.