Teacher Education Tier 4 Licensure

  • If you would like to apply for a Tier 4 license, MN requires you meet ONE of the following in addition to the requirements for a Tier 3 license:

    When registering, have score reports sent to MSUM (code 6678)

    Print and save copies of all test score reports as they may be needed for licensure renewal or outside state licensing. Pearson maintains an archive but will charge for copies.

    IMPORTANT: If you have taken and passed a portion of the MTLE basic skills (which ended in June 2016), you need to register and complete ONLY the portion you have NOT passed of that basic skills test through NES. You do not need to complete the whole series of Reading, Writing and Math over unless you did not pass all portions through MTLE.

  • Appeal to Board of Teaching

    All persons denied issuance or renewal of licenses granted by the Board of Teaching, and all Minnesota teacher-preparing institutions denied program or institutional approval, and all persons licensed by the Minnesota Board of Teaching whose appeals are denied by the local committee for continuing education/relicensures, are hereby entitled to a hearing pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, chapter 14, on such denial and to a final decision by the Board of Teaching.

    A person or an institution entitled to a hearing under the provisions of this part shall file a written request for such hearing with the executive secretary of the Board of Teaching within 30 days from the date of the denial. Failure to file a written request for a hearing within 30 days constitutes a waiver of the individual's right to a hearing.