School of Teaching & Learning Scholarships

  • MSUM offers a variety of Teaching & Learning scholarships for current and incoming students. Scholarships are listed below. Students can also apply for scholarships through the online scholarship application.

    Scholarship application information will be emailed to students enrolled in the Teaching & Learning program.


    1. Applicants must be enrolled in the School of Teaching & Learning.
    2. Applicants must be of good academic standing.

    Scholarships Offered

    • Kay Meier Millhon Elementary Education Endowed Scholarship
    • Nellie Esselman Special Education Scholarship Fund
    • MSUM Elementary Education Scholarship
    • Helen Lucille Wardeberg Elementary Education Endowment
    • Helen McNair Warren Education Scholarship
    • Helen Ostby Lottes Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • Adeline Stevenson Nurse Endowed Scholarship
    • Tracy Lynn Mack Scholarship
      Special Education, Senior or Graduate Student, 3.0 GPA
    • Royce & Janice Sanner Scholarship
      Special Education
    • Royce & Janice Sanner Endowed Scholarship
      Special Education
    • JoAnn Sell Education Endowment
      Sophomore or above
    • Floyd W. Brown Memorial Endowed Scholarship
      Serving or has served in Military
    • Greta (Magnuson) Shawstad Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • Tess Murphy Endowed Scholarship
      Rural Moorhead, Glydon-Felton, or Ada area
    • Gladys Schmaus Burlingame Endowed Scholarship
      Minnesota resident
    • Anna Wilson Gunderson Scholarship Fund
      Minnesota resident
    • Grace Probert Quam Memorial Endowed Scholarship
      Junior or above, good academic standing, Hawley or Barnesville School Districts, Financial Need
    • Ruth A. Hanson Endowed Scholarship for Elementary Education
      Good academic standing, community service and leadership
    • Ethel Hanson Elementary Education Scholarship Fund
      Elementary Education, Special Education, Junior or above
    • Greta (Magnuson) Shawstad Memorial Scholarship Fund
      Elementary Education, Senior
    • Ada Fick Endowed Scholarship
      Elementary Education, Older than Average, Junior or above, 3.0 GPA
    • Joseph Cassella Scholarship Endowment
      Education Major
    • Dorothy Dodds Endowed Scholarship
      Early Childhood Education
  • External Scholarships