SARTE Provisional Application

  • A student’s advisor may request a one-semester SARTE provisional. Transfer students are likely to request a provisional because their liberal studies are complete and they must begin taking courses in the major right away. A provisional will not be approved if GPA does not meet the minimum requirement.

    1. Purchase TK20. Use your StarID username and password to log in.
    2. Once purchased and logged in, click on Applications and create new SARTE Provisional Application.
    3. You must be certain to list the 6 digit course id number that have pre-requisites that are not met (if that is the reason for the requested override).
    4. Notify your advisor that you have completed your provisional.
    5. Your advisor will access TK20 to review your application and finalize submission.
    6. You must allow 24-48 hours processing time.


    The student appeal form should be turned in to Lynn Mahlum. Your appeal will be given to the T-Care Team and a decision will be made about your appeal within 2 weeks.

    Student Appeal Form

    Members of the Tcare Team:

    • Tim Harms
    • Valerie Ritland
    • Lisa Staiger
    • Elizabeth Kirchoff
    • Lynn Mahlum