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  • Meet the Teaching & Learning Students

School of Teaching and Learning

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  • Meet the Students

    MSUM students are doing amazing things. Our students embrace diversity, challenges, opportunities, unique experiences and continue to produce incredible results. Our students participate in student organizations, attend and present at regional and national conferences, compete at regional and national competitions, collaborate on faculty-mentored projects, gain hands-on experience through internships, help coordinate community service projects, and more. Many have won prestigious scholarships for academic excellence and many have won awards for their stellar work inside and outside of the classroom. See what the students from the School of Teaching and Learning are doing.

    Points of Pride

  • Student Testimonials

    Matthew Peck
    Matthew Peck

    Elementary Education
    ESL Licensure

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    Nick Flores - Students
    Nick Flores

    Special Education

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    Katie Shorma - Students
    Katie Shorma

    Spanish, Elementary Education

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  • Kelly Anderson, Elementary Education, Special Education   

    “The biggest class size is maybe 30 students, so you get to know all your peers and teachers a lot better. It makes it easier to know who to go to for advice. You’re not just a number.”

    “We have opportunities to work with students of all ages and all abilities, and they give us confidence that comes from a background of a broad spectrum of knowledge.”

  • Student Snapshots