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  • Jessica Rognlien
    Jessica Rognlien
    B.S. in Elementary Inclusive Education, 2013
    Special Education Teacher, Eastwood Elementary, West Fargo, ND
    I was offered a position in West Fargo to teach one-on-one with a child that has autism. My first two weeks went so well that I was asked to start working with another student with special needs. It was my degree in Elementary Inclusive Education that made me a stand out for this position. I was recommended for an interview for special education position at Eastwood Elementary in West Fargo. I was offered and accepted that position. In the fall I will be taking special education classes and working as a special education teacher, with a variance on my contract. I'm super excited for this opportunity and I want to thank you all for the outstanding education that I received at MSUM.
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    Krista Sullivan
    B.S. in Elementary Education, Preprimary Emphasis, 2010
    Kindergarten, Elementary Teacher, Brandon-Evansville District, Brandon, MN
    I have been hired as the kindergarten teacher in the Brandon-Evansville district for the upcoming school year! :) I am so excited to start teaching in my own classroom, it is my dream job! If I could have picked any school or any grade this is exactly what I would have picked. And I will be working with the other kindergarten teacher who was also my kindergarten teacher however many years ago and the reason I wanted to become a teacher!
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    Anna Marohl
    B.S. in Early Childhood Education, 2007
    Child Care Center Director , Atonement Christian Childcare and Preschool, Fargo, ND
    I manage the childcare program at Atonement Lutheran Church and we are licensed with the state of North Dakota to care for children ages birth - 12 years. We enroll 136 children and employee 30 full and part-time teachers. I am in charge of managing program operations including: budgets, enrollment, marketing, recruitment and retention of teachers, professional development, grant projects and many other "hats" that a director wears each day.
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    Christina (Werk) Berge
    B.S. in Elementary Education, 2003
    3rd Grade, Elementary Teacher, West Fargo School District, West Fargo, ND
    My role as teacher is incredibly fulfilling. Each day is different from the last and I appreciate the energy and challenge kids bring to my life.
  • Eric-Burggraff-crop.jpg
    Eric Burggraff
    B.A. in Philosophy, 2002, B.S. in Elementary Education, 2004, B.S. in Early Childhood Education, 2007 & M.S. in Special Education, 2010
    Head Teacher, MSUM Early Education Center, Moorhead, MN
    My duties include teaching, learning and playing (this is the ultimate way children learn, it is not ever just "fun" without purpose) with a classroom of children four to six year olds. In addition, I am responsible for the work-study students who are in the room interacting, playing with, and helping me watch the children. Finally, I supervise practicum students and student teachers who are in my room throughout the year.
  • Kathrina-Martin-ccrop.jpg
    Kathrina Martin
    B.S. in English, Speech, Theatre, 1993
    Broadcast Journalism Instructor, Magnolia ISD, Magnolia, TX
    I teach broadcast and film to high school students. We produce daily announcements, a bi-monthly magazine show, short films, an annual music video awards show and also compete nationally. I love every bit of it! I was named the Region 6 Teacher of the Year 2010 -- one of the top 20 secondary teachers in Texas.
  • Lacey-Saga-crop.jpg
    Lacey Saga
    B.S. in Early Childhood Education, 2007, M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, 2010,
    Early Education Center Director, MSUM Early Education Center, Moorhead, MN
    I am the director of the Early Education Center, which is the preschool/childcare center at MSUM. I manage the entire Center - scheduling and training teachers as well as student workers, budgeting, collaborating with MSUM College courses and professors, as well as, of course, working with the parents and children of the Center.
  • Lindsey Long
    Lindsey Long
    B.S. in Early Childhood Education, 2007
    Early Childhood Educator, MSUM Early Childhood Center, Moorhead, MN
    I provide daily activities that help children grow and develop in all areas of development. I make sure to provide a safe, fun learning environment with many opportunities for children to excel. I also help children to learn daily life skills and become more independent.
  • Rebecca-Hilbrand-crop.jpg
    Rebecca Hilbrand
    B.S. in Special Education with licenses in Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) and Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities (EBD), 2005
    Special Education Teacher/Intervention Specialist, School District #206, Alexandria, MN
    I work with students who have disabilities - advocating for them and their families. My role is to provide academic instruction and interventions within both an inclusion setting and special education setting. Recently, I have had the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful team in providing processing and cognitive skills training to students with learning disabilities.