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  • Examples of Academic Accommodations

Accessibility Resources

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  • Examples of Academic Accommodations

    Low Vision

    • Seating near front of the class
    • Large print handouts, lab signs, and equipment labels
    • TV monitor connected to microscope to enlarge images
    • Class assignments made available in electronic format
    • Computer equipped to enlarge screen characters and images 


    • Audio-taped, Braille or electronic-formatted lecture notes, handouts, and texts
    • Verbal descriptions of visual aids
    • Raised-line drawings and tactile models of graphic
    • materials
    • Braille lab signs and equipment labels, auditory lab warning signals
    • Adaptive lab equipment (e.g., talking thermometers, calculators, light probes, and tactile timers)
    • Computer with optical character reader, speech output, Braille screen display, and printer output

    Hearing Impairment

    • Interpreter, real-time captioning, FM system
    • Note taker
    • Visual aids
    • Written assignments, lab instructions, summaries, notes
    • Use of email for class and private discussions
    • Visual warning system for lab emergencies

    Learning Disability

    • Notetaker and/or audio-taped class sessions
    • Captioned films
    • Extra exam time, alternative testing arrangements
    • Visual, aural, and tactile instructional demonstrations
    • Computer with voice output, spell check, and grammar check

    Mobility Impairment

    • Notetaker, lab assistant, group lab assignments
    • Classrooms, labs, and field trips in accessible locations
    • Adjustable tables, lab equipment located within reach
    • Lengthened pull-chains on safety showers
    • Class assignments made available in electronic format
    • Computer equipped with special input device (e.g., voice input, alternative keyboard)

    Health Impairment

    • Note takers
    • Flexible attendance requirements
    • Extra exam time
    • Assignments made available in electronic format
    • Use of email to facilitate communication